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MB App Returns to iOS and Android


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This is something I won't really rip Admin on, which is odd, because fuck Admin.


But these days w/out the app has reduced my participation here, and I have this shit open at work. Notifications through the app are good, and even though I don't own this place it's frustrating to see Admin shit the bed constantly when it comes to growing this place, and an app can help. Actually nvm @Admin is a piece of shit and his laziness is the reason why this place has like 10 people who post. 


All you've told me here is that you own an iPhone.


I thought you were cool



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I was worried, I didn't know what to read while I was taking a shit these days.


Nothing motivates the fecal process of my colon like knowing a colon like @squall 's started from the bottom too and became a respected turd factory.


He reminds us that even us little guys can blow up the industry and make a small wormhole look like the front end of a bullhorn....


and sound like one too.



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