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Old logo on promotional schedule page


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Maybe @SilverBullet1929's question sparked an internal discussion and something is in the works leading to this early logo placement by mistake.

Wishful thinking.

To be honest that was the point of my question. I hesitated asking it because I'm not one for speaking in front of a crowd but I said to myself that if the answer was no at least I put the thought in their heads and there were enough fans there that maybe it could become a thing. So that's why I did it. Before it was asked I proposed my question to Dave Van Horne and he told me I might not get to ask it because the time for the Q&A was up and they literally said the question before mine would be the last one. Van Horne asked me what my question was and he raised his eyebrows and nodded his head and said "That's a good question, I'll ask it for you before they go" and Donnie answered the previous question and thanked everyone for coming and basically ended the Q&A and Van Horne jumps in with "Actually there's one more question before we end this..." So my question got shoe horned in there and definitely was heard by Samson Hill and Mattingly. I felt good that I brought it up even if I didn't get the answer I wanted. To be honest Samsons answer was a bit stupid the way he worded it. He said "well we're not gonna fly the whole 97 team in"... I didn't ask for that Dave. All I want is recognition and maybe a first pitch from someone like Conine and Livan Hernandez. A throwback jersey night would be wonderful but all I want is acknowledgment of a huge moment in Marlins history. They honored the team in 2007 so I'm surprised they won't do it in 2017.
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Hope whoever buys the team reinstates it. 


Won't happen and I hope with every fiber in my body they don't go back to the old logo.


I hate the idea of going back to the old logo so much that I neg report your post.


It's probably the 3rd time I've neg repped a post in 10 years. 



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