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Captain's Camp

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I love this and it should be seen by more eyes. Strange how Barry Jackson, ESPN and the likes aren't pumping this story quite as hard as the sea creature and Billy the Marlin ones.


Don't forget Joel Sherman. 


It's called biased journalism. Selective reporting. Sticking to their personal agenda. Only reporting what fits their narrative. Drinking the haterade. 



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Only local media individuals who actually provide both sides are: manso, Mish, frisaro, healey, and Spencer. 


Maybe Heyman? He's not necessarily local only but he's based in Miami and reports on the Marlins a lot and gives both sides of the story pretty much always and has said both positives and negatives and has given Jeter praise and the benefit of the doubt when appropriate. 



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Mish gets a lot of crap on the boards but he has been pretty accurate lately.


Frisaro is alway late to the party so no love for that douche bag. Spencer is cool tho.


Mish has proven himself more and more reliable. The thing that got him some heat on here was, if I remember correctly, when he was the only guy who ever reported Jose Fernandez being some kind of clubhouse problem and the Marlins wanting to trade him because of that. Looking back it was just Jose being the kid he was but not much more than that. 



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Jeter and Denbo have brought over the Yankees' Captains Camp, a 3 and a half week seminar for 25 selected prospects to start being taught the way this organization eventually wants things done. 




For some reason I am picturing this:





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This is incredible! Listen to Denbo's words. And that's in a relatively private setting. Not out in public to the media. How can the media hear that and see that camp and insist this front office isn't trying to grow a championship team? "We're not trying to build a team that contends for a championship every 15 years, we're trying to build a team that contends EVERY YEAR"


Bottom line: If Jeter and Sherman were here for profits THEY WOULDN'T EVEN DO THIS CAPTAINS CAMP!


I know the question of trusting Jeter or not is pretty much about faith and opinion at this point BUT the organization is doing A LOT more to prove their good intentions than their bad intentions.


This is Captain's Camp... go find me the video where Denbo is sitting in a room with the prospects and saying "Guys, just do whatever you want, it doensn't matter because we just wanna make money."



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Firs lol at the last line, someone is a snowflake...


As for the rest, yeah the Yankees are a terrible organization to emulate. Who cares what it is called anyway? You sound as asinine as that writer who wants to rename his kid because a Billy actor was canned.




Gauntlet thrown down!



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