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MLB The Show 20


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Did you guys get that double daily log in thing? I didn't so I'm curious how it works for sure. 2 log in pennants every day forever so it takes 4 and half days to get a pack instead of 9? Or no?

Correct. Two pennants a day and a pack once you reach 9 pennants so it works out to an average of 4.5 days.

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I'm curious what camera settings you guys use.


I like to hit with Wide, for pitching I use the Miami Broadcast camera but I edit it to look more like real FSN as the in-game view is too zoomed out and not as offset.


Sometimes if I'm not at Marlins park I'll switch to the other stadium broadcast view for fun and some variety.


And for in play both offense and defense I use Broadcast. I can't stand the default Dynamic view for in play because it's very unrealistic to me and kills the immersion. In real life the camera that shows the play is set in one position but in the game it flys over the field to get a little closer to the action and I can't help but visualize the camera man being Iron Man literally flying over the field. I hate it. I want my camera views to be as close to reality as possible.

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