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DH in NL


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  1. 1. DH Options:

    • Add The DH To The NL
    • Remove The DH From The AL
    • Keep It Split

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28 minutes ago, FishFan95 said:


It might still happen. I have to say, I personally don't like the DH, but I agree that it would be beneficial to the team as it would allow us to get Aguilar and Coop in every day.

Pretty sure a reporter was just looking for a quote, not tipping their hand regarding negotiations. I think we can expect there's no DH. It's pretty late for NL teams to be shifting their rosters around. Possible DHs have already been optioned or released. Owners would have a fit.

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I think at this point, there certainly won't be one for the NL in 2021 (though with Manfred in charge, who knows).....


But, while I like NL play, I think it's time for the DH to come to the NL as well.  I love the occasional big pitcher hit, but the black hole spot is old.  Not to mention with the pitching rule changes (facing X number of batters, etc), as well as the ever increasing price of pitchers, there's no need for them to potentially get hurt batting or running the bases.

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6 minutes ago, SonOfJack said:

After this season

It'll definitely be instituted for next season, or at the latest the season after if they want to allow a "transition" period.....but I think it'll be immediate as a bone to throw the union (15 more jobs immediately).

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