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7 minutes ago, hovertical said:

this offense is doing exactly what i said they'd be doing - very minimal scoring occasionally punctuated by some random big offensive output

our "revamped" bullpen sure does like giving up a f*ck ton of homers too

In a ballpark that ... we can't hit homers in. 😞

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39 minutes ago, flsportsfan83 said:

Last night was pathetic. Loading the bases with no outs and not getting a run in, Lead off 2b in the 8th and you dont bunt him to 3rd. Awful. 

I am personally on team #NeverBunt but in this case with a guy who hardly makes contact ... yeah.

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44 minutes ago, Michael said:

In a ballpark that ... we can't hit homers in. 😞

i don't get it tbh.  i mean the bullpen alone has given up 6? 7? already?  some of the balls don't even look like they're going to go very far but out they go.  meanwhile there's been at least 3 shots by our guys i can think of i was certain were going out and I believe only one made the warning track even.  Paul or Todd was even fairly certain one of them was going to be headed out and it didn't even come close to the warning track (i want to say it was a Duvall ab).  It's like there are two different sets of balls being used depending on which team is batting. 


they were swinging at so much stuff that was up and just popping up/flying out yesterday.  Duvall swinging at shit that looked 2 feet outside the zone w/ bases loaded was also incredibly obnoxious. 

I just really don't like that we don't have guys that can get on base very regularly in the every day lineup.  I don't like starting Dickerson as I felt he'd regress like Joyce did last year and i HATE that they didn't go hard after JT or another catcher in the offseason.  Alfaro just ain't the dude and the longer we try and keep him as our starting catcher (when it's clear he's NOT a fit) the worse off the staff will be and the more games that will be lost.  Really boneheaded move by the FO in not getting that shit fixed in the offseason especially with the emphasis they've placed on pitching first.

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4 hours ago, pollythewog said:

And I thought I was doom and gloomy! 

still just game 5

why do I have a feeling I will see this same comment but with :

"still just game 160"

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Changes I’d like to see:

1. Alfaro is no longer the starter. He shares starts with Wallach.

2. Move Dickerson down the lineup, and give him fewer starts.

3. Move Duvall down the lineup.

Rojas, Marte, Aguilar, Cooper, Anderson, Jazz, Duvall, Wallach.


Rojas, Marte, Aguilar/Cooper, Anderson, Jazz, Dickerson and Duvall (interchangeable), Wallach

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6 minutes ago, Iowa said:

Lotta baseball left boys





it's frustrating that the things we were most worried about going into the season are the same things that so far have been killing this team so that makes some of us feel as if this season is indeed going to obnoxious.  it would be different if the starters were the ones stinking it up and the offense was playing very well because we have confidence the starters can get it done and things will reverse course but yeah..can't get guys on, can't move over the ones who do get on, and a starting catcher that should have been jettisoned in the offseason is still starting.  those were my concerns going into this season and those are still the big things that they did not address in the offseason at all. 

they'll win tonight at least

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