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4/22 at Giants - 9:45 p.m.


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I just had a realization.


The lineup for tonight's game is basically what some members of this site (myself included) have been hoping for, at different times, since the season started.


-Corey Dickerson moved down in the lineup

-Jazz or Rojas leading off

-Berti starting at 3B

-Wallach getting the start over Alfaro


Of course, those moves only happened because some players are on the IL, and most likely once people are healthy again, there's a big chance that the lineup will revert back to the way it's been most of the season. But in the meantime, I hope this lineup does well, and hopefully when Starling Marte returns, Donnie doesn't want to move Dick back to the top and Jazz and Rojas back to 6th and 7th. 😂

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