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6 minutes ago, SonOfJack said:

Someone never saw Terminator.

haha, you know, I almost added the line of "until the robots become self aware", but didn't.



2 minutes ago, SilverBullet said:

Now that you mention tips, this got me thinking...

There's a lot of debate going on right now about when you should actually tip or not.  It goes without saying that in the last 5 years that places have begun adding a "tip" line on their invoice/receipt for even the smallest of services.  Going back just 10 years or so, you would typically only see an area for a tip to be added on actual sit-down restaurant receipts.  A lot of places just had the old plastic jar out with "Tips" written on it versus automatically printing it on the receipt.

My question to you, kind and generous people of the Marlins board:

Do you always/almost always tip when you see an area for "tip" on a receipt?

Did you previously tip these folks BEFORE there was an area for a tip?

Do you now feel guilted into it and thus you begrudgingly do so now?

Do you feel tipping culture has gotten way out of control or that this is something that should have always been in place?


For me?  I feel like it's absolutely insane now.  I always tipped well when I'd go out to eat but I really struggle to tip if I go and pick up my own pizza for instance.  There was a TikTok video recently of a dude picking up his cookie order from Crumbl and there was literally nobody at the register yet it asked for a tip and he, quite rightly, asked "who is getting the tip?  do you want a tip for just putting a cookie in the box?"

My feelings were always that you tip for jobs where they pay less than minimum wage (i.e. a job that's nearly entirely tip-based) but if you go to a place where that person is already making minimum wage+ then you shouldn't feel as obligated to tip barring something exceptional.  The whole carry-out food guilt tipping drives me insane.  My wife, refuses to tip if she is leaving the house to go get her own food and I don't blame her.  I'm a pushover and experience guilt so I usually end up adding a few bucks. 

LOL.. .....did you copy paste your opening Tip thread post?

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