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Brandon Nimmo Returns to Mets - 8/162


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10 hours ago, Das Texan said:

This is the thing in case people haven't noticed...


Term is sometimes far more important than AAV.

100%. I can see a lot more deals coming that are in that Bauer/Verlander/Scherzer Ilk where they bet on themselves and get 2-3 year deals at stratospheric amounts and try their luck again after. From a team perspective I think that’s a much better business deal as you’re not locking 25-35 million on the books in ten years when that player is 42 and unproductive. Even if they don’t pan out for the life of the shorter deal, you’re out of it in a couple of years and you aren’t handcuffing the team for a decade. So Far, I can’t blame the marlins (or the Red Sox in the case of Boegaerts) for not wanting to go to commit for 10 freaking years.

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