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  1. I'm a Conley truther BTW. He never had corona, they stashed him in Jupiter to work on his delivery (check the tapes). He's going to come back and be June 2018 Conley (or whenever he was good). Just wait and see. 👁️
  2. Rogers looks so good. And i have to give love to Costano. He just hits his spots.
  3. Reading between the lines, their anger at the new ownership was mainly because they saw signs that they were the same as the Loria regime. They came in here a tore everything down and didnt want to spend any money (rightfully). And up until this point Sherman hasnt spent any money (rightfully), so I can't say Yelich/Stanton's anger was misguided yet. And anyway, they were going to be traded regardless. I don't really care about comments made after they left.
  4. The Marlins were a God awful organization. Stanton wanted to compete, new ownership said sorry and shipped him out. Stanton did nothing wrong and deserves to talk shit. Wasted 8 years here. Yelich didnt want to waste his best years on a rebuilding team, and the Marlins probably would've traded him eventually. He's allowed to talk shit, wasted like 6 years here. We talk shit about ownership all the time but a former player does and everyone acts shocked.
  5. Pretty sure everyone liked the Anderson trade. I also don't get why people root against guys that were traded. I see it a lot with Stanton and Yelich. Very weird.
  6. Alfaro is the starter. Cervelli has probably played himself into 3 starts a week rather than 2 tho.
  7. The commercial with the milked up latina is pretty good
  8. We had randos throwing to a rando catcher and we only let in 1 run Also Anderson should never play anywhere but 3rd
  9. I totally understand Mish believes it's unethical to report who has the virus, so he should just tell us everyone who doesn't have the virus
  10. 1. I like the word mollycoddle 2. I like bringing up the yelich trade 3. I like downvotes (and upvotes, all the same to me) 4. I had to take the heat off my boy @Marlino
  11. Are dickerson, anderson, and aguilar confirmed
  12. I can't believe we traded Yelich for a mollycoddle
  13. How can mish say the lineup is in good shape? Alfaro, Cooper, Ramirez, Isan, and Rojas are for sure out lol
  14. It was Nightengale with the initial rumor? Ok. Look, I hate journalists as much as the next person but every time we've tried to defend the Marlins from a rumor the last 2 decades it's turned out to be true.
  15. All I remember is grainy flip phone vids from China of people passing out on the streets, official death count was like 50k but everyone assumed they were downplaying the numbers, Italy was getting hit real hard, WHO kept saying not to wear masks or something....it was kinda crazy and there wasn't a large, verified sample size of cases to know what a real death rate was. Remember when people were throwing out 2-3%? Just look at the stock market, panic and uncertainty in March and steady uptrend since as more info was available (I admit there's other confounding variables of course). And just personally, I didn't leave my house in Feb, March, or April except once in Feb to stock up. And look at the protests now, if people were actually scared they wouldn't be out in mass gatherings for over a month now. Revealed preferences, don't listen to what people say.
  16. When you guys say cancel the season do you mean the Marlins season or the whole league?
  17. They should let teams make players available for loan. I'm sure some teams would love to see their prospects get real action without using any service time.
  18. This situation reminds me of the Gallen trade, very aggressive. Getting the whole starting lineup sick all at once rather than spreading it out gives us an advantage in the playoffs if we make it. Risky move but could pay dividends.
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