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  1. I didnt say i was surprised theyre making them. Im just sick of it. And making money means nothing regarding quality.
  2. Theyre shitty storylines that constantly fall back on gross hour long cgi fight scenes and cheap quips. Sequel after sequel, spinoff after spinoff, bringing characters back from the dead...theyre not well made movies from any technical perspective. I wouldn't even care if this was some niche film wave, but it's dominated pop culture for 15 years. Im sick of the studios that keep pushing this nonsense instead of other actually interesting projects, and im sick of the fans for supporting it all because of some adolescent comic book nostalgia.
  3. You have a knack for always finding silver linings
  4. Once again im being persecuted for speaking the truth
  5. I care about you, Jack. I want my brothers to be the best version of themselves possible. Watching the new Disney superhero flick every 6 months is not good for you. Seek help.
  6. Paddock dominating right now. Such a nasty changeup.
  7. Theres only 3 guys in the lineup that matter longterm: Alfaro, Anderson, and Brinson. One is looking pretty good with room to improve, one is slumping but im not worried, one still looks like shit with 0 HR and 0 BB. Idc how many runs we score this year, just how well these guys do. So far D+
  8. 3 of these guys panning out would be huge moving forward.
  9. Rock a 6 man rotation with Chen in the pen full time. Save those young arms.
  10. Our pitching has the potential to surprise, but our hitting will be the limiting factor. Best you can hope for is Alfaro and Brinson take the next step and Anderson maintains his form.
  11. Mish talking about the Marlins using an opener. He says later that it's Chen and that it's "definitely happening." https://twitter.com/CraigMish/status/1095774067582480385?s=09
  12. As of now no ranking has any college SS in the top 10.
  13. Looks horrible, and probably pretty wrong. Anyways 2020: C- Alfaro, 1B- ???, 2B- Diaz, SS- ???, 3B- Anderson, OF- Harrison, Brinson, Mesa SPs: 5 of Urena, Smith, Richards, Lopez, Alcantara, Sixto, Niedert, Yam, Gallen Am I missing anyone? Obviously there's still other prospects but theyre either too young to play next year or aren't good enough to even consider. An elite college SS with our 1st round pick would be cool.
  14. So who's spot would Chen take? Whoever underperforms in spring training?
  15. So what do we have: Starters: C- Alfaro, 1B- OBrien/Walker, 2B- Castro, SS- Rojas/Riddle, 3B- Prado, LF-Granderson, CF- Brinson, RF- Anderson Bench: C- Holladay, 1B- OBrien/Walker, SS- Rojas/Riddle, OF- Sierra, ??? SP: Smith, Lopez, Richards, Straily, Urena RP: Guerrero, Conley, Eveld, Steckenrider, Garcia, Alcantara, Chen Idk who you'd fit in that last bench spot, and I have no idea what to do with our seven SPs but I hope they'd shove Chen in the bullpen and let the young guys start. Am I missing someone?
  16. Wonder if they view India as a 3B or SS. I loved him throughout his college career.
  17. When you have trade chips like Brad Hand, Andrew Cashner, and Fernando Rodney it's easy to accumulate prospect.
  18. Heat is the easy pick, but if there were odds on this I think the Dolphins would be the play. Get Kyler and have Brady retire soon and you're on your way.
  19. If he does become a legit #3 then sure. I just dont see it happening. The worst part of the Ozuna trade however is that Sierra was viewed as the second best piece.
  20. If I remember correctly, the top SS in the astros system was about to sign with the Marlins as an international free agent but we rescinded the offer when he tested positive for PED. Wouldnt be suprised at all if he's included in a Houston deal, we obviously like him.
  21. He performed pretty in line with his career numbers last year. Started off slow if I remember correctly but he still ended with a 2.7 WAR. He has the potential to be an all star any given year, and considering we traded him with 2 years of control, a potential #3 starter and a reliever isn't good enough return once you discount for uncertainty.
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