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  1. Hudson was a quality 2 starter at worse 3 before going down with TJ. As long as his rehab goes well, he will be fine and slide right into the rotation where he should be. Thompson will be fine end of day, he has improved every month this season. Just coming off his finest start of the season in AAA. I also do like Oviedo if he can put things together in his head. Majorly rushed and should be in AAA all year refining his game. Hope his learning on the fly in MLB hasnt hurt his long term progress. Add in some veteran starter be it Waino if he keeps doing the unreal or someone else to slot into the 4/5 spot the rotation will be fine.
  2. Not really sure there is a point to this trade other than to just trade Duvall to get at bats for a De La Cruz or something.
  3. but that post was in relation to Jazz....
  4. I wish the Cardinals had a Kim Ng running this team over this moron Michael Girsch and John Mozeliak who checked out a while back.
  5. *shrugs* Flaherty healthy Hudson Liberatore coming soon Thompson coming soon Kim if he returns Waino if he continues to do his thing Mikolas if he is healthy plenty of options in the rotation Cardinals can develop pitching as seen time and again.
  6. Your obsession with me is so curious.
  7. Doubtful. They will make playoffs again within the next 2 years, so its fine.
  8. Kids need a beating from time to time. You cant beat them every day for every minor infraction. But never getting a beating isnt the way to go either. Basically the study is like, beating your kids as a primary way to discipline is wrong. No fucking shit. I didnt read the whole thing, but does it address the behavior of kids NEVER beat? My assumption is similar outcomes to those beat all the time. Its a happy medium needed. The title of that study results is such bullshit. But saying beating your child routinely is bad isnt as gotcha as simply saying beating child bad.
  9. If thats all he is, the Marlins are in bad shape.
  10. Why? You have the GOAT in Isan Diaz so it can never be brutal.
  11. I think thats bullshit and their metrics are odd. I sure as fuck didnt act out more after getting my ass beat. So I dont know who the fuck they asked.
  12. Trading for Buxton would have been a stupid idiotic move anyway.
  13. a smidge more for mack just would have meant a smidge less for someone in the lower half of the top 10. Marlins dont draft Watson and really Mack without basically knowing the general number they want.
  14. There was no point of contention. There was knowing what the Giants would do and what they wouldnt do. For some reason you refused to believe me when I said, Bart wasn't coming to the Marlins for a package with Marte unless a young controllable established starter was included.
  15. Told you a couple weeks ago he will sign.
  16. Real good get for the Marlins. Told you Marte wasn't netting you a Joey Bart! 🤣 That said, real good get, significant risk and you really cant simply white wash what Luzardo has done this year as no big fucking deal. The one concern is the similar one to a Brinson. Why is he now in his third organization? But this is the kind of risk for a player you take with a rental. Really cant say anything bad about this return at all!
  17. In other news, water is wet, sky is blue, grass is green?
  18. i am. and fuck my friends, let them do their own thing.
  19. as an introvert.... fuck you.
  20. So how much of a concern is this? Are younger athletes just mentally weaker now? or are the pressures they face from parents, friends et al greater than ever? I was never good enough at sports to where it really mattered, so I dont know. Thoughts?
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