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  1. Lets see... Hollandsworth cant hit....his fielding tonight was not that great. Torborg still sucks Alex Gonzalez is not that bad of a player..nice defense..nice offense I was right on the mark on those... However... I was wrong. Juan Pierre can thrive outside of Coors. What is up with Castillo though? His offense has not been there and his defense has not been up to par... Same thing with Lowell defensively...and whats up with that wrapping on his wrist???
  2. has fox played yet???? oh wait... that would involved actually using your roster properly. nevermind. what was i thinking.
  3. well i just told you why i hate him.....
  4. if this team plays sloppy..... i am going billy martin.
  5. shocking.... reggie wont continue this.... but you can expect one of his 'regular' seasons... i just cant figure out why the hell he cant stick with a team for more than one season.
  6. i have always hated andrew jones as well... i consider him one of the biggest prima donnas in baseball. ranks right up there with barry lamar bonds.
  7. First - some 411 on Pudge from a lifelong AL fan: Pudge is a fantastic O player, as all of you know. He also has a cannon attached to his neck and I pity the fool who tries to steal on him - hell he'll even pick you off at 1st if your lead is too big and you are lollygagging. HOWEVER - the knock on Pudge has ALWAYS been that he is clueless when it comes to handling his pitchers. He is also pretty poor when it comes to calling a game. Some attributed this aspect to poor pitching in Texas, but I think the Marlins will expose this weakness in Pudge's game for what it is. oh yeah.... didnt i give the same arguement here???? all the homers here want to dismiss pudge's inadequacies as no big deal.... lets be objective people.... call things how they are. Thats all I ask. Objectivity.
  8. bringing in kids is deffinitely an important step. also working with little league baseball is. it helps to create a future fan base, it creates tradition. those kids will always remember they experiences watching the marlins games and 15 years from now and beyond will probably be regular fans who would purchase season tickets or attend 20+ games a year. BINGO!
  9. here is a solution: put a damn winner on the field year in and year out..... yankeefan nails it... you can count on one hand the number of true 'baseball towns' he has 3 of them and is leaving out one. St. Louis This is interesting though.... They are not northern... Nor or they southern.... Does Yankeefan's thesis still hold true???? To an extent yes....there still is not a southern city that will support their team year in and year out.... San Diego is an interesting example...but i need to see their attendance figures.... However one thing has been proven: Winning brings in fans. Lets look at the root of the problem instead of trying to create excuses. Miami is not a small market. The next time someone uses that excuse either on these forums or in the media...I am going to call horseshit. All knows that Miami is a fair weather sports town...as are many towns... You can count on I would say two hands the number of towns that always support their respective teams. Thats why I like Portland if the demand is there.
  10. i want the following: unit schilling pedro zito oswalt i think that rotation will do fine. hell maybe just go with 4 guys.
  11. this is all i am going to say.... i will try to watch at least 3 out of 4 against the braves...since they are on tbs... this team better not piss me off. (wins or losses dont matter, wins would be nice....but i dont want to see crap; if they lose by giving their best...thats fine)
  12. lowell is by no way the best fielder on this team..... that is probably lee easily. but lowell is top 3 in the league in terms of third basemen.... rolen is easily #1. lowell probably is #2.... I cannot think of any other third baseman in the league as good as lowell.....
  13. if i were not a marlin fan i wouldnt be here...... the marlins are my favorite team... but they piss me off. there is no reason this franchise should not be drawing 25,000 + every night..... there is no reason this franchise should not be considered a title contender every year... yeah i know...the dismantling occured...blah blah blah... miami is not a small market. thats bulls***...every time i hear people whine about the marlins playing in a small market. please. maybe i am spoiled by a certain other team i follow, considered by many to be one of the top 5 organizations in terms of class in all of professional sports, putting on the floor a team that will win every year in a small market. but yes i am a marlin fan, have been since before day 1. I want the teal back, the loss of teal has been sickening. I am a baseball fan above a Marlin fan. I want to see quality baseball played in all aspects. and ps.. I also like the Cardinals and Astros.....and other teams from time to time.
  14. i dont give a damn about your vulgarity. i am talking about the HOYA good times here lately. I know its April, so there is room for optimism.... But come on.
  15. what u cant take a few bad words? huh? thats the question i ask of most here.... i say something negative about the marlins and i am accused of not being a marlin fan. what are you talking about?
  16. Let's bring the Great Debate back to the forefront. Enjoy.
  17. Damn the Homerism around here lately is sickening.
  18. what he means is that derrek has this tendency to start hitting after hte marlins are already out of the race or when the game has already been essentially decided. i.e. when they dont count as much.
  19. well what do you know...
  20. I am always bad. You should know that.
  21. Newsflash: They should never have let Millar go to start with..... And I guess the season is already lost...I picked them to finish fourth... Damn Why should I even watch now.
  22. because they can get someone with proven talent for a guy like almonte.... and its not like they really need a shortstop.... jeter will be back eventually...
  23. if pudge can go the next few months without a passed ball...all will be forgotten.... but 3 passed balls after 3 games is inexcusable.
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