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  1. Das: Oh you have like 2,400 or something.The highest here! :w00t of course he doesn't have a life is it my fault all of my women do not live in the same town as me?
  2. players are humans.... treat them like one.
  3. most teams limit is the tax..... still you cant go over the cap and sign players unless you have the MLE.... Not sure if the Heat have that this year. But if the Heat are over the cap....good luck in trying to find a way to improve your roster, it wont happen via FA.
  4. Only problem is..... Kobe cant win a game by himself. Proven last Friday.
  5. The Heat better do something. I am not sure what their cap situation looks like, but that contract of Mourning cant help. I hear rumors about them having money this summer...but I am not sure how that is true... Then again I do not follow the Heat and their roster situations and all.....
  6. Jenna was hotter when she first entered the business.
  7. It wont matter. The Heat will still suck.
  8. Kiddies... you cannot legally purchase porn. I am not sure about possession, but I know you are underage. :whistle
  9. Das Texan

    Contest Ideas

    Um.... No. Not that one. You fool.
  10. Das Texan

    Contest Ideas

    well since my idea was thrown into the scrap heap.... you can all bite me.
  11. Now look here Yankees..... I dont want to hear your whining when it gets to be 90 or god forbid 100 degrees this summer.
  12. Snow Shoveling..... Good exercise.
  13. Das Texan


    Gettysberg was never really made with the goal of making much money if I recall. Ted Turner wanted to prove that he could do a great Civil War movie.... It was in response to some other movie...but I forget the movie...
  14. Das Texan


    It wont be as good Rune.... The cast is not as solid.... Martin Sheen > Robert Duvall in the role of Lee. and etc.
  15. why they did they take out? Who ever was selling the Certificate was going to get $665! Maybe even more I dont get it. :blink:
  16. Das Texan


    i heard its not that good. save your money. go see gods and generals next week. but first see gettysberg. will be a quality movie, but not as good as gettysberg.
  17. so the marlins essentially are being raped. what fun.
  18. Das Texan

    Adam's Hat

    its rattier in person.
  19. Thats it. My PS2 box is going up for auction. How much you think I can get for a used U-haul box?
  20. maybe i should sell a piece of ocean front property in new mexico.
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