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  1. Martin has hit in this league. Malloy has never hit his way out of a paper bag. Big difference.
  2. interesting list there.. thats for damn sure... in some respects it leaves you scratching your head....
  3. I am not ordering it. Vince ain't getting 40 bucks from me. I know the surprise and it's blah, Rune. somebody PM me with the surprise.... i am too lazy to go check out the usual sites... i would only watch to see Hulk Hogan. and maybe that idiot Rock..who should pay more attention to what made him famous in the first place.
  4. if it was in any other publication..... i might believe this were true. but it is in weekly world news.
  5. pure idiocy.... on the marlins part. so he wouldnt sign a waiver.... that means you cut off his balls and cut him when he earned a spot? stupid. i dont blame martin for not signing the waiver...i wouldnt want the team to have hte leverage saying...hey we are giving you one at bat every week and you are hitting .100...down you go. I smell a rat.
  6. wonder if i still am not a marlin fan??? 10K
  7. well it seems the most well known cardinal is now emmitt.
  8. herges was released by the pirates...... that has to tell you something.
  9. the 13-9 is going to be attributed to lack of scoring more than anything.... 3.79 ERA is not bad.... I think it would be lower if all things go well....I guess I should of factored in defense more than I did...if I do, it should be lower.... win/loss is not a telling factor of how good a pitcher actually is. colon...well just wait and see.
  10. i still love what nolan did to robin ventura. classic.
  11. ps... Mota is a chicken s*** piece of trash....
  12. what ever happened to a starter actually being expected to give you a good 7 innings each time out?
  13. well i knew you were insane prior to this..... this just helps to confirm it..... let us know what that boat looks like..... and also your adventures from miami to albany.
  14. I am still not a Marlin fan.... shut up das make me..... :killthemall :cool
  15. I didnt know the Raiders were playing the Seabags..... :hat
  16. I am still not a Marlin fan....
  17. I am not a Marlin fan because I refuse to paint a 'rosy' picture????? i should of made this warning.... I have never predicted a player's numbers, so my numbers will be off..... However the general trend of a player may be more accurate. What part of my predictions are tantamount to me not being a Marlin fan???? Look at the top 3 starters....those are damn good ERA's..... The rest...argue as you choose....but this team is not going to have all stars at every position, all of them playing 'golden' defense.... Remove your teal colored glasses.
  18. If you cant hit Livan as a team...you suck. Everyone hits Livan.... But on the positive side..he does have a rubber arm.
  19. Ok....I am game. 1) 82-80 2) AJ 14-11 3.98 Beckett 12-11 3.13 Penny 13-9 3.73 Redman 10-10 4.35 Pavano 8-11 4.50 Looper 40 saves 3)Castillo .319 60 steals Pierre .265 30 steals Rodriguez .309 18 hrs 78 rbi Lee .278 31 hrs 96 rbi Lowell .292 22 hrs 92 rbi Encaracion .271 19 hr 66 rbi Hollandsworth .261 13 hr 59 rbi Gonzalez .241 8 hr 38 rbi 4) All-Star Beckett (Rodriguez if voted in over Piazza) Gold Gloves Lee
  20. there will not be 7 all stars on this team.... we are not the yankees.... i would say 3 at the most. remember all teams must be represented and there are 16 teams in the National League.
  21. has livan's value fallen that much??
  22. Hit - Castillo Double - Lowell Triple - Lee HR - Rodriguez (+1) RBI - Rodriguez (+1) Run Scored - Castillo Stolen Base - Castillo Caught Stealing - pierre Error - Gonzalez Win - Penny (he will make his first start) Headache - Pierre, followed closely by Torborg Total = 2
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