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Penny to start Game 1


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Penny is the logical choice because no one, other thn Willis, is available.


What totally confounds me is why Pavano is not in the rotation! Guess he has no confidence in him despite his fine pitching in post season

Who said Pavano isn't in the rotation?


Just because Brad is pitching doesn't mean Carl is out.

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Hopefully, he'll surprise us. I am sure McKeon knows what he's doing.


Exactly ! Jack can do anything he wants right now and I refuse to second guess the guy, now or throughout the series. Whoever he starts, however he sets the rotation and whoever he places on the roster is fine with me.


It is time for Brad Penny to get his thing together. If y'all remember back in the early summer Jack was unhappy with both Beckett and Penny and let them know there might be a bullpen spot opening up for one or both of them. Josh responded to the challenge almost immediately while Penny resisted and complained that he couldn't posibly go to the pen. That would be the same Brad Penny who pitched Wednesday in relief (lol).


Penny has the stuff to shut down the Yankees if he can get his head together. It's too late in the season to do anything about his weight and conditioning. He needs to pitch the game of his life. If Jack has faith in him, or believes he and Rosie can motivate him enough to start him in game one, I say go for it.


There is no reason the Marlins can't take two in New York, unless they allow themselves to be defeated. The Fish are fighting for their diginity, their place in the sun, no one has been able to knock them off yet, not the Phillies, the Giants or the Cubs, the latter two, in my humble estimation, far superior, at least on paper, to the Yankees.


Go Fish !

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No need to get defensive about Jack; I like him too, but it appears to be a logical move to include Pavano in the rotation and put one of the lefty starters in the pen.


I'm just wondering why. Maybe those 2 bad outings Carl had against Philly and Atlanta down the stretch soured Jack.

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this is such a stupid move. ustart the d-train in game one.look what the guy did when no one has seen him b4. he is such an emotional guy. he is perfect to dtart game1.

Welcome to the party

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I'd go Penny, Pavano, Beckett, Redman if it was up to me. Right-handed pitching in Yankee Stadium is scary, especially a relative soft-thrower like Pavano, but I don't have any faith that Willis can throw strikes right now and Redman won't be ready by Sunday. It doesn't matter if the Yankees have seen Willis or not - if he can't throw strikes he won't get people out.

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Haven't posted in a long time, been really busy, but hasn't it been a fun ride?? :)

I think McKeon made the right choice here.


1- Penny had an easy 1-2-3 in game 7. He had good stuff and was throwing strikes.


2- I love this board, but I have to say for the most part there is a "what have you done for me lately" sentiment x10 on this board. Penny has been bad in the playoffs, but at times he can be dominant. Hard throwers usually shut the Yankees down, and Penny is a hard thrower. If he throws strikes, we win.


3- Penny is itching to prove himself in the playoffs. I don't know how he feels about Jack, but I know he wants to prove himself to him. Jack has not babied him like he is used to, but is giving him an opportunity to shine. I think he takes it.


4- As of right now, I think Willis is the bigger threat to be so caught up in the emotion that he is unable to throw strikes. If the starter lasts one inning, we have to use Pavano who I think is a bad match at yankee stadium.


I just get the feeling Penny is gonna be ready for this one. I think if we take game 1, McKeon will go with Willis in game 2 as a win would almost be icing on the cake. If we lose game one he may go with Redman as he is more reliable at this point.

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If Penny wins, this move rules.


If he loses, McKeon's an idiot.


But seriously, I can understand the logic of Pavano being the best of the 5 to come out of the pen and I also understand what McKeon's doing here. I personally start Willis and then Pavano myself, but I see where McKeon's coming from, so it's hard to argue.


All I know is come tomorrow night, it's Penny time. Everyone needs to put one penny in their right pocket before the game.

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