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Kerry daughter heats up Cannes red carpet


CANNES, France (AFP) - Alexandra Kerry, 30-year-old daughter of US Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry (news - web sites), walked up Cannes' celebrated red-carpet for the premiere of Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill 2" wearing an off-shoulder black number that turned transparent under the flashes.


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Kerry, who is showing a short film at the festival, was tailed by the press during her stay at Cannes but French newspapers reported that her staff had warned journalists off questions concerning her famous father.



Her film entitled "The Last Full Measure" is being presented in the Short Film Corner section and describes the ravage wreaked on a US family by the Vietnam war.



"The characters are fictional", she said. "I wasn't born when my father came back from Vietnam."



Kerry has also been seen about town with her French cousin, Brice Lalonde, a former environment minister and Greens leader.


OMG boobs! not again!

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Jeez... Maybe she should run for president of a BANANA REPUBLIC. Maybe she took that whole "bra-burning liberal" thing literally?



God, she's almost as ugly as Chelsea Clinton.... Ok, well maybe not that bad.

A Chelsea hater???


All that poor girl ever did in her life was to be born the daughter of Clinton...

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