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My 2004-2005 NFL Predictions


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AFC East:

New England Patriots 13-3

New York Jets 8-8

Miami Dolphins 7-9

Buffalo Bills 6-10


AFC North:

Baltimore Ravens 11-5

Cincinnati Bengals 9-7

Pittsburgh Steelers 6-10

Cleveland Browns 3-13


AFC South:

Indianapolis Colts 12-4

Tennessee Titans 10-6

Houston Texans 7-9

Jacksonville Jaguars 7-9


AFC West:

Denver Broncos 10-6 (win in a tiebreaker)

Kansas City Chiefs 10-6

Oakland Raiders 6-10

San Diego Chargers 4-12


NFC East:

Philadelphia Eagles 12-4

Dallas Cowboys 10-6

Washington Redskins 9-7

New York Giants 5-11


NFC North:

Minnesota Vikings 11-5

Green Bay Packers 10-6

Detroit Lions 7-9

Chicago Bears 6-10


NFC South:

Carolina Panthers 11-5

Tampa Bay Buccanneers 8-8

Atlanta Falcons 7-9

New Orleans Saints 7-9


NFC West:

Seattle Seahawks 11-5

St. Louis Rams 9-7

Arizona Cardinals 6-10

San Francisco 49ers 2-14


AFC Playoff Seedings:

1- New England Patriots (Wild Card -Bye Week-)

2- Indianapolis Colts (Wild Card -Bye Week-)

3- Baltimore Ravens

4- Denver Broncos

5- Tennessee Titans

6- Kansas City Chiefs


NFC Playoff Seedings:

1- Philadelphia Eagles (Wild Card -Bye Week-)

2- Carolina Panthers (Wild Card -Bye Week-)

3- Minnesota Vikings

4- Seattle Seahawks

5- Green Bay Packers

6- Dallas Cowboys


NFL Playoffs, Wild Card Rd:


6- Kansas City Chiefs @ 3- Baltimore Ravens Winner: Baltimore Ravens


5- Tennessee Titans @ 4- Denver Broncos Winner: Tennessee Titans



6- Dallas Cowboys @ 3- Minnesota Vikings Winner: Minnesota Vikings


5- Green Bay Packers @ 4- Seattle Seahawks Winner: Green Bay Packers


NFL Playoffs, Divisional Rd:


5- Tennessee Titans @ 1- New England Patriots Winner: New England Patriots


3- Baltimore Ravens @ 2- Indianapolis Colts Winner: Indianapolis Colts



5- Green Bay Packers @ 1- Philadelphia Eagles Winner: Green Bay Packers


3- Minnesota Vikings @ 2- Carolina Panthers Winner: Minnesota Vikings


NFL Playoffs, Conference Championship Rd:


2- Indianapolis Colts @ 1- New England Patriots Winner: Indianapolis Colts



5- Green Bay Packers @ 3- Minnesota Vikings Winner: Minnesota Vikings (that's when I'll start making my funeral plans after I committ suicide)


Super Bowl 39 (Jacksonville, FL -Altell Stadium-):

Minnesota Vikings v. Indianapolis Colts Winner: Minnesota Vikings (told ya I'd shock you)


Super Bowl MVP:

Randy Moss, WR, Minnesota Vikings


NFL Coach of the Year:

Tony Dungy, Indianapolis Colts



Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots


NFL Offensive Player of the Year:

LaDanian Tomlinson, RB, San Diego Chargers


NFL Defensive Player of the Year:

Ray Lewis, MLB, Baltimore Ravens


NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year:

Philip Rivers, QB, San Diego Chargers


NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year:

Antwan Odom, DE, Tennessee Titans



Let the debate begin!

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Now I'm willing to bet that my Super Bowl pick was a bit of a surprise.


I was sure as sh*t shocked when I found out that I had lolled my way into putting the Vi-Queens in the Super Bowl, and I think the Vikes can win it.


They've got one of the best offenses in the business. Culpepper made me a believer last year, but he will always have the penchant for making the stupid decision at times. (like Favre's penchant for throwing tons of INT's)


They've brought in Kenechi Udeze & Antoine Winfield to add to a defense with good solid players like Kevin Williams, Brian Russell, Brian Williams, Chris Claiborne, and Kenny Mixon.


Chris Hovan- this is his make or break year.


Corey Chavous- the most overrated safety in the NFL


The NFC North drafted in the 2003 Draft the 2 best Defensive Rookies I've ever seen with...


Nick Barnett (MLB, Green Bay Packers)- This kid WILL be the next Ray Lewis, book it, write it down. 134 Tackles, 3 INT, 2 Sacks, 3 FF, & 2 FR- that sure as sh*t was a better rookie season then friggin Terrell Suggs or Terrence Newman.


Kevin Williams (DT, Minnesota Vikings)- This is the next John Randle without the mouth. 10.5 sacks, even an INT!, and a work ethic that would make Bud Grant blush, he is a force from the middle of the line, he's just dominant. Nick Barnett was the true rookie of the year last year, not even Vikings fans dispute that, in fact only the writers who made Suggs and Newman ahead of Barnett are the only ones I've seen dispute that. And Williams was also better then Suggs and Newman.


But some of you may question my sanity for predicting Green Bay to beat Philly in the Playoffs.


Green Bay's better then Philly, period. We showed that last year by beating the living crap out of them last year twice, only to have Bwoah Jue (CB) and Mike Sherman (the head idiot) screw it up for the Packers.


You say the Eagles brought in Kearse, TO, and Dhani Jones....I say who gives a sh*t?


They lost Carlos Emmons (Team Defensive MVP last year), Bobby Taylor, Troy Vincent, and Duce Staley. And they haven't addressed the losses of any of those except Emmons by signing Jones. And they're praying that Buckhalter who had Season Ending Knee Surgery in the 2002 pre-season, and Brian Westbrook who had season ending Knee Surgery last year in the 2003 season are going to play at the levels they did before hurting themselves.


They addressed major needs (OL, DL, WR) while creating all new needs (RB, CB, and possibly LB)


The Eagles will be again a huge dissappointment.


BTW: Who have the Packers lost that were critically important? Antuan Edwards? The Fins will cut him before season starts. Jamal Reynolds? The 10th overall selection bust of 2001? Joe Johnson? The biggest free agent bust ever? Josh Bidwell? The Guy who couldn't kick a punt 25 yards out of bounds against the Eagles in November, then kicks a 60 yard punt out of the end zone against the Eagles in the playoffs?


Ahmad Carroll I doubt will be any good. The rookies on the Packers to watch will be their first 2 third round picks Joey Thomas (CB) and Donnell Washington (DT).



As far as the Dolphins go, I would have said 10-6 if Ricky didn't retire. In fact I made my picks the day Ricky retired, so I had to redo them entirely because the Dolphins affected 16 games which in turn affected the rest of the NFL in a dominoe effect.


They have a good defense as always, but 3rd down seems to be as much trouble for the Fins D as it does for the Packers D. Boston was a bust for the Chargers. You don't know what your getting with him. Feely will wind up another but slightly better & younger version of Jay Fiedler. Wannstedt as I said last year is the worst coach in the NFL.

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Chris Hovan- this is his make or break year.


Corey Chavous- the most overrated safety in the NFL


Nick Barnett (MLB, Green Bay Packers)- This kid WILL be the next Ray Lewis, book it, write it down. 134 Tackles, 3 INT, 2 Sacks, 3 FF, & 2 FR- that sure as sh*t was a better rookie season then friggin Terrell Suggs or Terrence Newman.




1. Chris Hovan is awesome and this is not a make it or break it year. He does not get many sacks but is a great defender against the run and faces double teams constantly. He is awesome. Period.


2. Chavous is not overrated as a saftey. He is a very good saftey who was not a very good corner. Thats the bottom line.


3. DO NOT EVER compare Nick Barnett to Ray Lewis. Suggs and Newman were better last year too. Ray Lewis is already an all-time great and Barnett will be lucky, very very lucky, to even come close to having his name in the same breath.

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you have the chiefs finishing 10-6 and losing in the 1st round :lol

what a fool.


chiefs D isnt as bad as last years although it will be a lil shaky. and they wouldnt lose to a team like the ravens who has no offense, and even though there defense is one of the best. it still wouldnt stop the chiefs offense. if the chiefs could score 30+ wich they would. they would win.



2004-05 chiefs


13-3, superbowl champs(and no im not being a homer) i really think they will carry far this year.

there D WONT collapse again!

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1. Everybody in Minneapolis says this is a make or break year for Hovan. I should know, I'm going to be living here in Viking land for the next month until school starts in September campaigning for Kerry-Edwards. If he doesn't do well this year, it sounds like the Vikes will trade him. Vikings fans are also about ready to get rid of him. Because he's not as solid against the run as most outside of the NFC North think he is. Kevin Williams was the real beast up the middle in the Vikes D last year.


2. Chavous is very smart, but he lead the NFL in missed tackles with an astronomical 120 missed tackles, (source Star Tribune), and sorry it's just I would like my safety to actually MAKE tackles. Remember I think the Vikings will win the Super Bowl.


3. Just try and make a case for Suggs or Newman. Neither of them can hold Barnett or Williams jock. And I hate the Vikings we must remember that fact, I'm a Packers fan from the Western part of Wisconsin, nobody likes the Vikings here and I'm surely not going to start to.


Barnett had 134 tackles, 3 INT's, 2 Sacks, lead the linebackers in the division in Passes Defensed, Solo Tackles, and by the way, he had 3 forced fumbles, and 2 fumble recoveries. Oh and Barnett lead the ENTIRE NFL, and yes that means Ray Lewis as well, in Tackles within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage, so he tackled people, and tackled them before they could do anything.


All Suggs had was 10.5 sacks which was matched by Kevin Williams, and all be it he plays in a 3-4 system, Suggs is still a Linebacker that didn't even come close to touching any of Barnetts stats (especially tackles and solo tackles). Suggs is simply a pass rusher, and as long as people see that beacuse Sacks are the touchdown of defensive statistics so to say, and Suggs had them so he got the credit for them.


Terrence Newman had somewhere in the Neighborhood of 41 tackles, 5 int, and only a few more defensed passes then that Barnett kid.


Nuff said.


Thing is though, Barnett doesn't need any hardware to know who the ROY was last year.


By the way did I forget to mention Barnett was 2nd among ALL ROOKIES last year in Pro Bowl Balloting, including thousands of more votes then Newman and Suggs?

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The Chiefs have NO D, NONE!


They will have the same starters as last year, if Gunther Cunningham makes that much difference that they will win the Super Bowl because of him, he won't be your D Coordinator after this year because he'll have every team wanting him to be their Head Coach.


The Chiefs Offense is the new Oakland Raiders. Holmes, Green, Morton, Kennison, and 3-4 of their starting OL are over 30 years old. Holmes is still one of the best there is, but they have NO wide recievers.





This just in....the Colts scored on the Chiefs AGAIN! (no offense man)

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Cape, remember that I, Phlub, the one of the biggest Packers fans to ever walk this Earth has picked his bitter rival the hated VIKINGS to win the Super Bowl.


Whats so special about them?


For starters, RANDY MOSS.


Marcus Robinson if he stays healthy could be a pleasant surprise as he was in Baltimore (excluding the Seattle game) and help give the Queens the big, deep long speedy threat opposite Moss that they didn't have even when Carter was there, Carter was 6 foot with 4.5 speed.


Culpepper has matured immensely since the start of last year, I thought he was the most overrated piece of crap, but now I'm a believer.


They also have along with the Packers the best RB trio in the NFL, with Bennett, Smith, and Moe Williams.


Kleinsasser is now the beast at TE as far as Run Blocking goes, he still has rocks for hands.


But Jermaine Wiggins is a big, speedy, and sure handed target at TE that will help the Vikes stretch their mid-range passing game.


Their O-Line aside from Mike Rosenthal (RT) is about the 6-7th best in the NFL.


They have the best offense in the NFL next to Indy, KC, and GB.


Defensively, they picked up the drafts best DE with Udeze, and as long as Udeze stays healthy should be a man eater. Kevin Williams is a Super Hero among the Super Friends. Darrion Scott (rookie from Ohio State) and Kenny Mixon are pretty interchangable if Mixon spends the first 4 weeks of the year in suspension. This is Hovan's make or break year because now he has talent on the DL and if still doesn't do sh*t he'll be gone in a trade at the end of the year.


At linebacker, the Vikings along with the Packers, Cardinals, and a few other teams have good upcoming young LB Corps. Chris Claiborne is a legitimate All Pro player. EJ Henderson will be a very good, solid, and sure tackling MLB. The Wild Card is the other OLB spot which is assumed to be held by 2nd rd. pick Dontarrious Thomas, but questions of his smarts are his only setback.


In the D-Backfield, Brian Russell is reminding many of a young John Lynch with his tackling prowess, Brian Williams is a young star in the making with playmaking abilities that we are only beginning to tap into. Antoine Winfield is an excellent play maker at Corner who if he doesnt knock it down will be sure to tackle you immediately. And Corey Chavous is just in the right place at the right time with 6 of his 8 INT's coming at Hail Marys or on the last play of the game or 1st half. And misses tons of tackles.


Special teams, Onterrio Smith is a solid kick returner and the return units should be good. They got an elite punter in Darren Bennett from the Chargers, But Kicker is the biggest weakness on the team. Aaron Elling couldn't kick for my high school JV team let alone a Professional team.


But this years Vikings just seems to have a different ingredient about them. They've got the talent.


But similar to teams like the Packers if their Head Coach doesn't make bonehead 4th Quarter decisions can be a serious contender.


The Vikings are my surprise team for this year, just like everyone told me I was nuts for saying the Panthers would go 11-5 and deep into the playoffs (i didn't predict them to go to the super bowl though). I hate to admit it, but the Vi-Queers are gonna go all the way, and at my Packers expense. I may be a Packers fan, but living in Wisconsin we get all of the weather from the west and in Minnesota I see a storm brewing...

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Teal as much as I'd like to agree with you and say the Packers will be in the Super Bowl to claim what is rightfully and originally ours (the Lombardi Trophy is the Packers trophy and only the Packers trohpy) I have a really bad feeling it will be in enemy hands across the western border this year and no force can convince me otherwise.

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The Bengals will have a better record then the Ravens, and they will beat them twice.


And my Niners, though in a rebuilding process, will win at least 5 games. Barlow will rush for 1000 yards, Beasley will be an all star fullback again. Rattay will hook up with mah dawg Brandon LLoyd for at least 1200 yards and 12 touchdowns. At the end of the year I'm gonna bring this thread up to show you how wrong you are. :)

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As far as the Colts D goes, losing OLB Marcus Washington was a blow.


But drafting Bob Sanders from Iowa who will be bone crushing superstar at Safety, and I believe Daryl Smith from Georgia Tech was a solid move. Smith is speedy and a good tackler and should be able to replace Washington immediately.


Chad Bratzke was old and had to go. The Colts will either move Sanders or Idrees Brashir to CB along with a few other promising young prospects whose name's escape me at the moment.


Their interior DLine is fine, their Safeties should be set, Their corners have probable chances of being good. Linebacker is the strength of the Defense. And lest we forget Dwight Freeney the monster rushing the QB's blindside.


The Chiefs have a bunch of old washups. Vonnie Holliday, Woods, McCleon, Hicks, a bust draft pick with Simms.


Their MLB Mike Maslowski who is from a township (Thorpe) of my hometown 2-3 miles outside of my home in Chippewa Falls, WI is young, promising and should be good.


Shawn Barber is a veteran OLB whose pretty good. But Fujita is still questionable as the other OLB.

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I think Beasley is the best FB in the game. And Barlow I consider one of the 10 best RB in the NFL.


But Rattay and the WR's are my question.


Dennis Erickson is also a borderline Wannstedt level moron. The D is above average. And losing Ron Stone on the O-Line is a blow. But come on, you lose Garcia, Owens, and Hearst who were pretty much the whole account for a 7-9 record doesn't look promising.


But if I'm wrong at the end of the year you have every right to shove this in my face, just like the Dolphins fans last year convinced that I was dead wrong by saying the Phins would go 10-6 and miss the playoffs. And the people who said I was nuts for picking Carolina to go 11-5 and far into the playoffs (but not into the super bowl).


We'll start to get our answers come Sept. 12

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Phlub, what is the Vikings' record in stadiums with the new rug. I think Detroit, Atlanta, Buffalo, Cinci, New York, and Seattle are the only ones with the new rug in their home fields.


You may have noticed in Twins games that it is quite spongey and different than the AstroTurf and makes it harder to run on for football.

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Yes Cape your right, when I go to the Twins games (which I do quite frequently) I find the baseball players hate the field.


But the Badgers have that turf and they love it. And the Vikings tried it out when they put it in for a few practice sessions and just adore it.


And with Randy Moss running a 4.14 and Michael Bennett running a 4.18, I don't think speed will be an issue for the Vikings if thats what your implying.


But I certainly hope the new turf in the dome means a new streak of luck for my Packers in that friggin house of horrors for us.

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Yes Cape your right, when I go to the Twins games (which I do quite frequently) I find the baseball players hate the field.


But the Badgers have that turf and they love it. And the Vikings tried it out when they put it in for a few practice sessions and just adore it.


And with Randy Moss running a 4.14 and Michael Bennett running a 4.18, I don't think speed will be an issue for the Vikings if thats what your implying.


But I certainly hope the new turf in the dome means a new streak of luck for my Packers in that friggin house of horrors for us.


How did you do at the fields that had them...ie Seattle and Detroit last year?

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Oh no, I will definetly give to you that we are not what we used to be. Every offensive starter that was a playmaker is gone. QB, HB, WR1, WR2, TE. However, Rattay showed good signs last year. He also recovered unbelievably quickly from groin surgery to be ready for the start of training camp. Barlow will have a good year. Brandon Lloyd is our next great WR. He will have at very least, barring injury, 1000 yards. 2-14? Cmon, you know we're better than that man.

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