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Stark's idea(taken from real rumors)


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Even if Johnson stays, it appears Finley is going to wind up with the Dodgers. His first choice is San Diego. But they couldn't match up on prospects, even when San Diego tried to expand the deal to include three, and even four, teams. The Padres also rejected Arizona's efforts to bullpen-nap Akinori Otsuka.


So the Diamondbacks turned again to the Dodgers, who had already been talking with Florida to see if they could deal for one of the Marlins' starting pitchers. According to numerous sources who have talked with those teams, they've sketched out a three-team deal that would go something like this:


# L.A. gets Finley from Arizona, Jeff Conine from Florida and a starting pitcher (most likely Brad Penny).


# Florida gets Danny Bautista and Brent Mayne from Arizona, plus a reliever from L.A.


# Arizona gets Paul Lo Duca and Jayson Werth from the Dodgers.


There are still questions about where Finley would play in the Dodgers' outfield, since Milton Bradley currently occupies center field, and more questions about how Florida would replace Penny in its rotation. (The Marlins did kick the tires on Derek Lowe at one point Thursday.)


But Arizona seemed determined to deal Finley before the deadline, and the Dodgers look like the only conceivable destination at this point.

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We can not trade Brad Penny, we do not exactly have a boatload of quality SP's lying around.


Brad "I won 2 World Series games last year" Penny is very important to the success of this team. We finally have the rotation together, keep it together. Don't tear this team apart.


I'm disgusted with even the idea of this deal. Not to mention the fact, the way Steve is hitting right now -- is Bautista even an upgrade???

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Stupidest. Trade. Ever.


Why would the D-Backs want Paul Lo Duca and Jayson Werth? Decent, but not enough to give up Finley AND Bautista. That'd be stupid.


Why would the Fish give away their #2 starter for a a terrible catcher and a guy who is "Ok" but not great. Bautista and Mayne don't even come close to how good Penny and Conine are.


Of course L.A. does this though. They get 2 proven outfielders ans a guy who beat the Yanks twice in the World Series. YEAH!


We'd be getting raped so bad if that happened.

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Stark must be editing this like crazy, I've read the same article and the players have changed 3 times already. Ishii isn't included at all in the latest rumored proposal.


Now the article reads:


L.A. gets Finley from Arizona, and Brad Penny and Hee Seop Choi from Florida.


Florida gets Guillermo Mota, Paul Lo Duca and Juan Encarnacion from L.A.


Arizona gets Jayson Werth from the Dodgers, and prospects from the Marlins.


But this deal still has hangups. The Dodgers still need to find a catcher, and there are rumblings they've been trying to acquire Charles Johnson from the Rockies.


The Marlins also need to acquire another starting pitcher, although it's believed they would make this trade regardless. Their first choice is thought to be Derek Lowe.


So now we'd be moving Penny and Choi, for Lo Duca, Encarnacion, & Mota..... with Florida still needing another starter.


I guess that would move Niner back to first base....


This is getting ridiculous... my head hurts.


Good luck Beinfest!

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