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Cubs doubleheader pitching matchups


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Aaron small sucks....nuff said.


To you, anyone who isnt Koch sucks.


we need to send a pitcher to pitch on 3 days rest if we want to still contend

I agree. The Cubs are sending out 2 of their starters, why cant we? And last time we had a dobule header with them, they sent out Wood and Prior.

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These are critical wild card games. Looks like we are going for 1 win. Not much chance to win with Small against the Cubbies. Didn't Small give up 3 ERs in 1.1 innings the last time he faced the Cubs? And quickly gave up a 3 run jack to Tony Batista in the 2nd game of the double header on Monday?


One option would be to pitch Willis on 3 days rest...and have someone else pitch on Tuesday....Wayne perhaps? Or give Wayne a start....he certainly couldn't be worse than either Kensing, Bump or Small.


Or what about Tejerable...oh, nevermind...guess he was released on waivers awhile back.

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Didn't Small give up 3 ERs in 1.1 innings the last time he faced the Cubs?




Is Small the rookie from A ball?


No, that's Logan "What am I doing here anyway?" Kensing. He sucks. Hard. I don't care if he came from Single A. He sucks.


And Small has a SMALL chance of winning. GET IT? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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NinjaUbi, don't be too discouraged. I don't know how bad Small is but Clement is not 100% healthy. He left early two starts in a row before coming back on extra rest to pitch 6 or 7 innings. If the Marlins hitters can make Clement throw some pitches early--get him to labor--the Marlins might have a chance depending on how big Small pitches.


I think some of you guys overrate Prior. He is just a different pitcher from 2003. He's human this year. If you guys could beat 2003 Prior--which you did (assist to Bartman)--then you can definately beat 2004 Prior, especially when matched up against Cy Pavano.


My prediction: Marlins sweep. Pavano carries the game 1 load while the offense and bullpen are most responsible for the game 2 victory. Go FISH! :notworthy

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