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Worst Offseason Spenders


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How could anyone vote for the D-Backs? They built themselves a really nice ball club out of practically nothing at all and certainly did not overspend.


The Mets, while they overspent, they acquired the most sought after free agent so I definitely can't vote for them even though I despise them.


LA did a whole lot of nothing, they just ruined everything. Last year they were in the playoffs, this year they're no better than their AAA affiliate.


Phillies...... ehhh

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Well, LA gave JD Drew 5 years for some reason.


The Mets spent alot of money, but for a New York team they really didn't do that much. Plus they addressed holes and will be significantly better this year, and most importantly they didn't really do anything out of character for a big market club.


Arizona on the other hand, I don't know what's happening there. I mean, yeah they got better, and they didn't overpay anymore than the market dictated, but where is this money coming from? Don't they still owe boatloads of money to the 2001 WS team? They might be in serious financial trouble in the next few years.

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I dont understand the big deal behind the dodgers



Kent, JD Drew ... is one scary combo batting 3-4


they retained and added more pitching ... and they still have Gagne


call me crazy ... I guess Beltre WAS the whole team according to most here because I really dont see how the departure of Green could hurt the team

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