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Favorite Movie of 2005


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Guest Fritz

The fact that you listed Constantine instead of Crash shows how lame you are. That said, I'll choose Batman Begins with Crash a close second.

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None. Everything has been utter garbage until now.


I've been expecting better films from HBO Films and Focus Features. Usually the good movies come in November.


Come on, to say there has not been one enjoyable movie is a joke. Have a more open mind, live life.

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Batman and Sin City.


Star Wars was eh, and then everything else.


I'm with you there.


I liked the end of Star Wars, but I'm not a fanatic or anything, and the bad dialogue hurts that movie.


Coach Carter was good, thanks to Samuel L. Jackson. If he wasn't in that movie, it would have been a bomb. I think it's because Hollywood has done too many of these underdog sports story movies lately.

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