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Laughs online -- real or fake?


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There are many ways to laugh online but how many are real and how many are fake?


Here are my opinions:


LOL - Real laugh, found it funny

lol - Fake, just to answer since ignoring is rude

hahaha - Could be real, could be fake I like to think fake

hehehe - Definetly fake

heh - Another fake like lol

ha - Sarcastic

rofl - Laughing a little but exaggerating it

lmao - just like rofl

lmfao - Really funny but not actually having an ass come off

*laughs* - Didn't laugh at all, sarcastic


What are your opinions?

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Guest Fritz

LOL - Sissy-ass punk bitch

lol - Mellow

*Laffs* - Sarcasm

hah - Seething disdain

haha - Funny

ROFL - bulls***

LMAO - bulls***

hehe - Not funny at all

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good topic Larro


LOL is about the only one I use when I really find something funny or actually laugh out loud.


Heh - is me being bored.

lol - is just something to respond with.

LMAO - very good.

LMFAO - even better.

ROFLMFAO - King Kong Of Jokes




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Anyway, whats the difference when someone uses "lol" and LOL"? It's in caps, big woop

Wanna fight about it?





hehehe for me is an actual laugh, but that's because I never use lol or lmao. I just go between hehe and haha, hehe being the more real. Heh is sarcastic.

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