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Pavano Back?

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I was reading about that the Yankees may be willing to trade Pavano back to the Marlins, and take a portion of his salary, for Burnett, and Leiter, and I think it would involve with the Yankees taking the rest of Leiters paycheck. That may not be a bad idea. Its obvious Pavano has not turned out to be the pitcher they thought. Id like to see if maybe would could get a mid-level prospect back in return, but taking Leiters salary, could help just as much..










here is the link: http://mlb.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/news/article...t=.jsp&c_id=mlb

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If it is true, I think it is a great deal, and we should push the Yankees to close.


We would get a top-level starter for three years at reasonable money. We don't have to chance prospects. They take Leiter's money off our hands, which possibly enables deadline moves. This is essentially the same deal as the Burnett for Vazquez, which I think is also a great deal.


Honestly, I think that Pavano is better than how he has pitched so far for the Yankees, and the Yankees have shown little patience with starters (Vazquez).

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this is very interesting considering that a lot of leiter's contract is deferred


still though, i dont think we would be saving THAT much more money than if we did the deal with the jays. if we do the jays deal we still have to pay leiters salary but we also get 3 parts, two of which can help immediatley......i think beinfest will go for the parts over saving money....


then again, if we have pavano for 3 years, we can use the extra money to get a good free agent next year....sheesh, i dunno, they both have pros and cons

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Trade Idea


Yankees Get : AJ Burnett, Juan Encarnacion, and Al Leiter


Marlins Get : Gary Sheffield and Carl Pavano




That would work in MVP or playstation baseball but the Yanks aren't going to give up Pavano and Sheffield for that package...i could see them doing Pavano and cash for Burnett and Leiter

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I like the deals mentioned with the Jays, Yanks and Sox. Pavano coming back here might be just what we need... Yankee stadium is an imposing place to play and Carl may not have been ready. I believe that Pavano is just a national league pitcher, just look at another former Marlin Mark Redman, he went to the A's and was pretty bad, now he's back in the NL and doing great.


And lets not forget about all the problems the Yanks are having, there bullpen has given up its share of Pavano's inherited runners, there defense is just above a Single A team (Bernie Can't run. Giambi can't do much of anything) and they play in the offensive juggernaut that is the AL East (see: Boston, Baltimore).


I'm sure if Pavano came back here his ERA would be in the Mid-High 3's and would be giving up way fewer hits (no DH). If they can get him back and unload Lieters Contract they should do it.


I like the Tornoto trade, but nothing makes me more plased then the possible Chicago one. Marte and possibly Carl Everett. We need another Home Run hitter and a back of the Bullpen guy. This would be fantastic for us... not to mention Everett's .333 with RISP and .397 OBP in those situations.


Start the dealin Beinfest!

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Intriguing. Now, let's expand this one into a massive multiplayer blockbuster:


Marlins get: Pavano, Brown, Sheffield and a boatload of cash.


Yankees get: Leiter, Burnett, Encarnacion and Eric Reed.



If that happens, I would have a heart attack....

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this does not solve our rotation needs guys. we still would need some back of the bullpen help. The question is what else can we get out of them too. Can we add in Connie or Enc and pick up Gordon perhaps also?








Lots and lots of cash


This would give us what we need and them what they need then. It would be considered a win win for both teams.

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One of the reasons I think Burnett should be traded is to secure a solid #3 for us past just this season so we wouldn't have to drop major cash on an overrated free agent or go with three youngsters.


This more than satisfies the requirement.


As Teal-Shadow (I think) pointed out in another thread, while this may not be the best haul for Burnett if we waited out July but it's pretty damn good.


Sheffield's not moving, guys, give it up.


Do we really need Gordon? He's better than some of the other guys (shaky closers) that have been mentioned, but before yesterday's game our bullpen has been great ever since they sent Riedling to the minors. Pulpo and Spooney and Valdez are coming back soon.

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Assuming the Yankees take Leiter's contract in its entirety and we get Pavano back at the contract we offered him (3/$21), I'd have a hard time disliking this move because of the long term security it adds to our rotation. Whether or not Pavano is worth that money is debateable, but this is a win-win for both sides, but only if Al's contract is taken.

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What if the Marlins were asked to take on $28M over the next 3.5 years as in the Marlins lock Pavano at their rate (3/21 + 50% of $7M this year) and pay for the rest of Leiter's contract ($3.5M)?



I think it would be hard to turn that down. But that then becomes contingent on the Marlins being sold on Pavano's 2005 being the aberration, not his 2004.

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