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Best All-Time Marlins SS


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Well, first he says that this is a vote for the best-Marlins SS of all-time, and then he adds "well, i was only talking defensively".


There haven't been enough starting SS for this team to do a defensive-only vote. That pretty much comes down to two choices.


Yes, A-Gon takes the defensive nomination. However, Edgar was no A-Rod with the glove, and I would take any day over A-Gon if I had to choose between the two.


"Sea Bass" always annoyed me with his tendency to be an automatic out at the plate, and he was never as bad as Reggie is.

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Come on Game 7 of the World Series game winning hit to clinch the world series!!! Edgar by far!!!! Gonzalez is better on d but edgar was still very good on defense! And offense you can't even compare. Gonzalez is hitting better with boston but he he hit like .220 most the time for the fish!



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