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Gators Are In


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Florida, our Alma Mater?

Thy glorious name we praise?

All thy loyal sons and daughters?

A joyous song shall raise?

Where a palm and pine are blowing?

Where southern seas are flowing?

Shine forth thy noble Gothic walls?

Thy lovely vineclad halls?

'Neath the Orange and Blue victorious our love shall never fail?

There's no other name so glorious?

All hail, Florida, hail.




Unfortunately now it's time for them to lose by at least 80 to OSU.


:thumbdown :thumbdown

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Bodog still has the line open on who faces Ohio State.


I just wagered $55 on Florida.


This article had better be right.


Me too. Only gonna win 11 bucks, but I'll take it.


I wagered $55 to win $13.75.



I had sworn off gambling but I couldn't pass this up. I'm just going to payout after the line closes.

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