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Full List of Non-Tendered Players


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American League


Angels: Jason Bulger, RHP.


A's: Jerome Williams, RHP.


Mariners: Joel Pineiro, RHP.


Orioles: David Newhan, OF; Aaron Rakers, RHP; Todd Williams, RHP.


Rangers: Mike Wood, RHP.


Rays: Damon Hollins, OF.


Royals: Scott Dohmann, RHP; Brandon Duckworth, RHP.


Tigers: Alexis Gomez, OF.


Twins: Luis Rodriguez, INF; Willie Eyre, RHP.


White Sox: Eduardo Sierra, RHP.


Yankees: Aaron Guiel, OF.


National League


Braves: Marcus Giles, 2B; Chris Reitsma, RHP.


Cardinals: Rick Ankiel, OF; Jorge Sosa, RHP.


Cubs: Jose Reyes, C; Adam Harben, RHP.


Dodgers: Toby Hall, C; Jayson Werth, OF.


Mets: Victor Zambrano, RHP.


Padres: Jon Knott, OF.


Reds: Brandon Claussen, LHP; Miguel Perez, C.


Rockies: Chin-hui Tsao, RHP




Wow i guess the Zambrano-Kazmir trade looks even better now for Tampa Bay not that this need to happen for that.....


Anyone on this list, you think the Fish should go after?

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I would take a serious look at Jorge Sosa. I am not sure why they non-tendered him. Does he have some serious issues? He had a down year, but he's got a decent ceiling and I think Rick Kranitz can do a good job with him. Maybe he can regain the form he had in 2004 when he posted these numbers: 13-3, 2.55 ERA.

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