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Olsen: Stiff lower back.

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Wes Obermueller is the biggest steaming pile of sh*t I've ever seen. He needs to go. I'm not saying RVH needs to pitch, but I think Charlie Hough should come out of retirement before the Marlins hand Obermueller is handed the ball again.


The "we have no one else" argument does not work in this case, when everyone who has an arm still attached to their shoulder can pitch better than Wes Obermueller. His pitches are so flat I have absolutely no idea how he ever made it to the show.


I'd rather have Jorge Julio pitching in relief and I am completely serious.


lol well I wouldn't go as far as Julio. Grant it OBI is nothing to rave about, he has filled in this year when pitchers have exited early. For a guy who accepts comming in and taking it on the chin he has done an ok job. I just don't know anyone who would replace him in his role.

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Again, whenever he enters the game he increases the deficit by a wide amount. That is contributing nothing. Are you telling me that the Marlins couldn't find someone else to give up 6 runs in 3 innings?


Every outing he has is so damn miserable he doesn't even qualify as an innings eater. Sure, he has pitched when the other arms get injured but the Marlins would be better off if they forfeit the game and spare the other arms.


I think he's given up 15 runs in his last 8 innings pitched or something like that. The Marlins are better off digging through another team's trash at this point.



Not every outing, but his last 2/3 appearances have been miserable which make it seem like he has been horrible. He has a few outing where he has went 5-7 inning without giving up more then 3 runs. Again, when your down by 8 theres not much else to do. Obviously you would think you could replace him, but any long relief man who does what your excepting Obi to do is already making a pretty penny.

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Just wait until someone is placed on waivers and you'll have your replacement. Most of Obermueller decent outings came when pitching only one inning of relief, which is highly ironic.



I gotcha man, believe me the guy is a bum, but he has come in(not recently) and gotten outs. Ideally I would like to see Kim in Long relief, but with the way he has been pitching and with the starting 5 a mess he's much needed starting.

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im not his biggest fan but i think you guys are too hard on Wes...I dont complain when Wes sucks cause its what he's expected to do, so to speak...


he's the mop up guy when a punk like Olsen cant finish an inning...he's supposed to come in when we're getting hammered...when its bases loaded with nobody out...he's supposed to be the guy who takes in on the chin...then what happens? He takes it on the chin and everyone gives him crap for it...


...Wes Obermueller is the least of our pitching problems...what we need is to get 5 consistently good starters who can get us into the 6th or 7th inning more often than not...that way we never have to think about using Wes...


bottom line...every home has a toilet...Wes Obermueller is our toilet, now stop complaining about it...














...oh, did I mention my girlfriend thinks Wes is cute?

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