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NFL Week 16 Discussion

Orlando Rays

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The long national nightmare is over for the Dolphins. Maybe a new one begins Sunday in New England? The march for perfection meets the march for the #1 draft pick. :mischief


Jacksonville hosts Oakland. Just hand them their playoff spot on a silver plate, why don't you?


Tampa Bay doesn't need to be handed anything; they take it. And take they will: as in, a win from the 49ers as they tune up for their Wild Card Playoff game in Tampa Bay the first weekend of January.


Sunday Night is Washington at Minnesota. Monday Night is Denver at San Diego. NFL Network steals Pittsburgh at St. Louis Thursday Night and Dallas at Carolina Saturday Night.

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ESPN just put up an "NFL Bottom 12", a list of the pursuit of imperfection. The first 10 lost at least their first 8 games since the 1978 schedule expansion to 16 games, plus two that won early and never won again, and are effectively the best of the worst between the 76-77 Bucs and the 2007 Dolphins.


1) 1980 New Orleans Saints (1-15, started 0-14)


2) 1986 Indianapolis Colts (3-13, started 0-13)


3) 2000 San Diego Chargers (1-15, started 0-11)


4) 1984 Buffalo Bills (2-14, started 0-11)


5) 1983/84 Houston Oilers (2-14 and 3-13 respectively, started 0-10 both years)


6T) 1997 Indianapolis Colts (3-13, started 0-10)


6T) 1993 Cincinnati Bengals (3-13, started 0-10)


8) 1991 Indianapolis Colts (1-15, started 0-9)


9T) 1989 Dallas Cowboys (1-15, started 0-8)


9T) 1996 New York Jets (1-15, started 0-8)


11) 1990 New England Patriots(!) (1-15, won second game)


12) 2001 Carolina Panthers (1-15, won first game)

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Defense turned it up in the 2nd half possibly turning a corner maybe, but it was the rams, sad to hear willie is hurt davenport stepped up big, also want to congradulate Marshell on having his # retired, what a great player he was for football.


with all that said


If cincy beats cleveland





Im buying a chad johnson jersey

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