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Just my opinion.


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You guys keep talking about our 12-7 start. Some of you say it's "too soon" some of you say "no big deal, 8-2 against the Nats + Pirates."


Then there are the others all optimistic at the fact that we're currently in 1st place.


In my opinion, most of you on this board, are taking this the wrong way.


162 games have to be played. We've played 19. This is no different from any other year. The team has to play 162, and at the end of 162, the best team wins. FACT.


I'm sick and tired of people making predictions, b/c look at what has happened already. ESPN is quickly looking like the bunch of fools they are (whether it's 19 games or not, it's still a solid start, that no one expected). With that said, it works BOTH ways.


Live life day to day. It'll make it much easier on you, and at the end of the day, it'll make you look like less of a tool with your writing when it's all set and done (for those that care about their board reputations, which I know some do).


You can say "if" we get starting pitching, and throw all the "if's" you want, but bottom line is, every prediction made on this board is worthless. Every prediction made on ESPN is worthless (as it has always been).


Bottom line is, the games have to be played. And whether your payroll is 200+ mill, or 20 mill, all teams play to "win the games." And thus far...there is 1 FACT. 12-7. 12 wins, 7 losses. That is it. The rest? Who knows? Nothing but a meaningless prediction, which is nothing but a waste of time.


The "Are we for real?" and "We're in 1st place" threads...too soon to tell.


It's mid-April, and I will say it again. Being in 1st place in Mid-April...doesn't mean much. It's 19 games...143 still to be played. The only thing that means a thing is that we have 12 wins and 7 losses...b/c no matter what happens in the next 143, the W-L record through the 1st 19 can't be taken away from us.


So...you can take my message as you'd like.

I'll be here creating gamethreads whenever I get the chance, and living life to the day.


Be happy...that we're 12-7...regardless, of who we've played, it's a good start. At the same time, realize, that it is just what it is...a good start. The rest is undetermined. Doesn't matter what players have done throughout their careers, doesn't matter what our payroll is, doesn't matter that we're currently in 1st place (with 143 to go...many of which are against NL East teams). The only thing that matters is the only fact we currently have. 12 wins, 7 losses. And the rest...begins tonight (and that will continue to be my philosophy every night, for what it's worth).

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I've never read a post that is so long that says so little.



Well yeah, he's pretty much just stating the obvious, but nonetheless, it makes sense. \



edit: btw, post # 1000




Congrats on the Puma's 1000th post thread, which is really the most noteworthy statement in this thread :confused





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Don't worry Erick, I still think it was a fairly decent post.











:thumbup (It's all cool...everyone is allowed their own opinion). I personally don't see the reason to get ahead of ourselves. As I said...it's MY opinion. "If you like it, fine, if you don't that's fine too." I just felt like saying what I felt.

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Soap Opera Material...

Today on Life Lessons From a 16 Year Old




As long as I was realistic with my comments, I achieved the purpose of the thread.


Another fact is the Marlins are 10-3 when I start a gamethread. I'm hoping I can make it 11, tonight. :thumbup

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I can't stop crying.


I haven't felt this way since Darth Vader threw the emporer down that shaft in the death star to save his son from electric death.


You touched me... And not in that "bad stepfather" kind of way.... The other kind of way. :kiss




:rolleyes: :)

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Well, my opinion didn't reach popularity status on this board. :rolleyes: :lol



You snot nosed little punk.. At 16 shouldn't you be playing with your wee wee or counting your pubic hairs, instead of giving philosophy lessons on a message board?


LOL I'm just teasing you kid.. Keep the good luck going with the game threads...

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Maybe I should rephrase myself with less words, lol.


I just think that predictions are meaningless. That is all. I mean, seriously, NO ONE KNOWS what's going to happen.

With that said, while I disagree with you guys sometimes, you still have the right to your opinions / predictions (never said you didn't)...and the optimism is definitely great to hear, at times.


Because the bottom line is, you guys are real fans (which beats the hell out of the bandwagon fans in this city). So...at least I respect you for being here from Day 1. And I'm really glad I found this board to discuss Marlins baseball, as well. :thumbup

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My opinion...i dont really care what most think, with all due respect. I respect what everyone has to say, but everyone is going to see things in their own eyes. This team is young, this team is talented, and they look to be quite angry. Angry at the so called "experts" who think that they arent good enough. Sometimes when you have a young team motivated and not experienced enough to know exactly whats going on all the time, special things can happen. I really dont care if we are less than a month into the season, this team can flat out play. They are one of the most talented teams in the NL 1 through 6, including the best player in the NL, and an above average bullpen. They will more than likely need help, or just health, in the starting rotation, but I see no reason why this team cant be contending for either the division or the wild card. 19 games in or not.

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I just wanna see how far the Fish can go staying above .500. It's way too early to talk about predicted finishes or play-offs. I am having fun watching them play and grow as a team, add the fact that we still don't have all the pieces for a title run called up yet (and may not be up till next year or the year after).


I am, however, getting a bit pissed off by seeing killjoys in here saying that the 12 and 7 start doesn't mean sh*t. It does mean sh*t. If the Marlins are supposed to be sooooo bad with a bunch of kids and a low payroll, then the Pirates and the Nationals should have spanked the Marlins' asses every game and the Braves should have just swept us without even noticing what they stepped on.


The Marlins are 12 and 7 and in first place. Does it mean playoffs? No, it's wayyy too early and the Marlins need to play the NL East a helluva lot more before anyone can make any kind of prediction. The Marlins are above .500 and in first place, and as long as they are, enjoy what this team goes out and does every night. We should be happy to see the team win and hope that they keep building confidence that they can go out and win every day against every team. Right now it is encouraging to see what the future holds for this team and we should be supportive of what they have done 20 games into the season.

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