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Comeback Player Awards


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Here is how the results came in, points in brackets:




1. Cliff Lee (76)

2. Mike Mussina (28)

3. Milton Bradley (20)

4. Aubrey Huff (13)

5. B.J. Ryan (13)

6. Zack Grienke (12)

7. Francisco Liriano (8)

8. Justin Duchscherer (4)

9. Ervin Santana (4)

10. Rocco Baldelli (2)




1. Brad Lidge (53)

2. Kerry Wood (34)

3. Ryan Ludwick (27)

4. Jorge Cantu (23)

5. Fernando Tatis (18)

6. Jody Gerut (6)

6. Gabe Kapler (6)

7. Doug Davis (5)

8. Mike Lincoln (3)

9. Mike Hampton (2)

10. Chan Ho Park (1)

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HTF are Ludwick and Lidge coming back theve been here the whole Time they Just SUCKED

Wood is Understandable


Lidge used to be one of the better closers in the game.


Then, this happened.




And he was never the same. until this year.


Which is why he deserves the award.

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