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Mets Pitcher killed 2 women in hit and run

Joe Girardi

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More specifically, Ugi attacked his farm workers with a machete. When he wasn't able to kill him, he doused them in gasoline and tried to light them on fire.


Crazy mofo.

Speaking of Ugi...


Ugueth Urbina Gives Prison Interview

It was only five years ago when Ugueth Urbina was the king of the hill for the Marlins as their top reliever. He was on the the mound for the 2003 Marlins when they clinched the wild card, defeated the San Francisco Giants in the deciding game of the NLDS, and knocked off the Chicago Cubs in Game 7 of the NLCS.


The acquisition of Urbina ranks as one of the most significant mid-season trades in the history of the Marlins, who gave up Adrian Gonzalez to land him on July 11, 2003. Urbina appeared in 33 regular season games for the Marlins and 10 in the postseason.


Now Urbina sits in a Venezuelan prison, serving a 14-year sentence for attempted murder after he attacked several men in 2005 with a machete and lit them on fire.


Urbina recently granted a prison interview to Jeremy Schaap that will air on Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 7 p.m. on ESPN's E:60.


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Rest in piece? They're dead, what else are they going to do? lol

(Not trying to sound like an ass, by the way lol)


I feel bad for the family, they must be taking it hard. Sucks to see this happen.

Who was the criminal that the Marlins got...or traded for?


Not trying, but succeeding so well.


Rest In PEACE is what you're supposed to say when someone passes away.

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