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NFL Thread- Week 11

Fish Dynasty

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AFC East


New England 6-3

New York Jets 6-3

Miami 5-4

Buffalo 5-4


AFC North


Pittsburgh 6-3

Baltimore 6-3

Cleveland 3-6

Cincinnati 1-8


AFC South


Tennessee 9-0

Indianapolis 5-4

Jacksonville 4-5

Houston 3-6


AFC West


Denver 5-4

San Diego 4-5

Oakland 2-7

Kansas City 1-8


NFC East


New York Giants 8-1

Washington 6-3

Dallas 5-4

Philadelphia 5-4


NFC North


Chicago 5-4

Minnesota 5-4

Green Bay 4-5

Detroit 0-9


NFC South


Carolina 7-2

Tampa Bay 6-3

Atlanta 6-3

New Orleans 4-5


NFC West


Arizona 6-3

Seattle 2-7

San Francisco 2-7

St. Louis 2-7

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I think you forgot to include the Raiders vs. Dolphins game in the poll.



Don't include Dolphin games in the poll. I can't imagine anyone would actually think that's the game of the week anyway.


Oh I wasn't aware of that... it sure beats St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers though....

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Dolphins games aren't in the poll because you all aren't capable of being creative and choosing another game of the week besides your own.


Oh so this is just to punish our lack of creativity...Then I understand.


lol it's not like I vote in these things anyways, I just thought it was an error that the Dolphins game was not up there.

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god dammit or ST Defense is garbage


Seriously that was horrible, thank god we got the win.


Also what was with the play calling when we where ahead in the 3rd quarter... we were playing like there was like 1 minute left in the game :banghead . Oh well at least we won.

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