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Javier Vazquez velocity graph - should we be...?


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I recall the overwhelming majority of this board lauding the Vazquez signing and then calling for Nunez to be traded for a centerfielder.



Because Leo Nunez has been the whipping boy for quite some time right now and the Javier Vazquez signing isn't bad if you look at it from a boom-bust potential aspect.


But that's dynamic thinking. Something you're clearly not capable of.

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The reason why people want Leo Nunez gone is because it's not an efficient use of payroll to keep him around, especially when the team needed a CF/3B (for what it's worth, how do you not agree that the team needs a 3B)?


Is the bullpen not fine with Hensley, Webb, Dunn, Choate, Sanches, Mujica, and Badenhop? Well above average pen that's really cheap. Leo Nunez salary can be used for a position of need. Unless if you actually think Leo Nunez is going to dominate.


Then again, this is a silly conversation.


No one even said Vazquez velocity would increase, as he changed leagues. Since you're trying to insult everyone though, your prediction before the season was that Anibal Sanchez was going to have a big year. He has great numbers, doesn't he? :rolleyes: Small sample stats, ftw!


Realistically, anyone who wants to trade Hanley Ramirez for three Wes Helms isn't worth responding to, anyway. But I guess it becomes fun and rather addictive to make someone look stupid.

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