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2011 Adopt-A-Marlin Draft


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Hey everybody. I've done this the last two years, so I decided to run it again this time around (unless anybody objects). For anybody who hasn't done this before, the rules are fairly simple. It is exactly like a major league draft, except we will be drafting all the Marlins from the minor leagues (AAA, AA, A). If the player is in the majors the day the draft starts (May 1st), then they are ineligible to be drafted. To sign up for this years draft, all you have to do is post here that you are interested. If you don't sign up before April 30th, don't worry. You will just be added to the back of the draft order.


All the names will be randomly chosen out of a hat, so nobody can complain about any kind of bias'.


What we ask of people who join the draft is that after you draft a player, we ask that you put those players statistics as your signature (along with a picture of that player if you can find one). For pitchers, we would recommend IP, W/L, ERA, WHIP, K's, with any other extra statistics you may want you add. For hitters, we recommend BA (batting average), home runs, RBI's, OBP, OPS, and any other statistics you feel fit that players forte.




Christian Yelich- .264 BA 10 HR, 75 RBI, .371 OBP, .820 OPS 10 SB, 2 outfield assists


Chad James- 140 IP 12-10, 3.90 ERA, 1.30 WHIP, 140 K's.


The draft will begin at some point Saturday, April 30th (or a week and a day from today). Each person will get as much time to pick as possible (however, at around 3-4 days, the next person will go), so if you choose to drop out, we ask you to please post here that you have decided to skip your turn.


Remember, this draft is for fun, and to keep people up to date on our prospects year round without having to google their statistics, so please try your best to stay current.


Anybody who joins while the draft is taking place will be added to the end of the draft order.


MB.com Adopt-A-Marlin Draft Order

1. I Love Me Some Fish- Kyle Skipworth C, Jacksonville Suns

2. Rabbethan- Chad James SP, Jupiter Hammerheads

3. MrMarlinPride- Christian Yelich OF, Greensboro Grasshoppers

4. FanoftheFish- Marcell Ozuna OF, Greensboro Grasshoppers

5. 97marlin- Brad Hand SP, Jacksonville Suns

6. gizmo- Matt Dominguez 3B, New Orleans Zephyrs

7. floridafly- Jacob Realmuto C, Greensboro Grasshoppers

8. mystikol87- Jhan Marinez RP, Jacksonville Suns

9. Schnellders- Kyle Jensen OF, Jupiter Hammerheads

10. dim- Jose Ceda RP, New Orleans Zephyrs

11. trahernsfriend- Dallas Trahern SP, New Orleans Zephyrs

12. Benched- Mark Canha 1B/DH, Greensboro Grasshoppers

13.ctina2277- Dallas Poulk 2B, Jupiter Hammerheads

14. TheFlyinUruguayan- Jay Buente RP, New Orleans Zephyrs

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After random selection, here is the draft order


1. I Love Me Some Fish

2. Rabbethan

3. MrMarlinPride

4. FanoftheFish

5. 97marlin

6. gizmo

7. floridafly

8. mystikol87

9. Schnellders

10. dim

11. trahernsfriend


I Love Me Some Fish is now on the clock

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