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Bonifacio & Infante w/ UNIFORMS


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I don't know. I just don't know anymore. I really really hate it,but I swear that im starting to just accepted that these ARE the uniforms and that is the logo (what hurts the most). So I guess I'm going from the skeptic/repulsed stage to the acceptance stage.


The Orange is sweet I think, and I'm kinda liking the Marlins on the shirt. It's just that stupid M that bothers me so much.


Edit: Oh god... I just saw it again. Every time I see it I feel a small pain in my chest. Why the fake marlin? Why the HUGE f***ING M! WTF ARE THEY THINKING!!! (I am digging the orange though)

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really do not like the hats


the jacket isn't horrible, but not really a fan


on the orange I like how minor the other colors are - it's primarily white on orange with some trim around the letters .... i'm also intereste in how they placed the marlin and what it looks like with more detail


can't say I love them, probably don't even like them ..... interested to see what combo is what

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I think the better poll would be do you like the jersey? Do you like the hat?


Sounds like the majority like/don't mind the jersey and hate the hat. I myself really like the orange jersey but the hat almost ruins it.


I think most don't like the orange and jersey but we saw coming years ago, so its like ¨ehh.¨

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