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7/29 San Diego Padres vs Miami Marlins

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Happy Day After Eovaldi Day! aka J.J. is on the mound.


Clayton Richard 7-11 4.11 ERA vs Josh Johnson 6-7 4.14 ERA


Lineups (To Be Posted Later)


San Diego


Amarista, A, SS


Kotsay, M, RF


Headley, C, 3B


Quentin, C, LF


Alonso, Y, 1B


Venable, W, CF


Baker, J, C


Forsythe, L, 2B


Richard, C, P




Bonifacio, E, 2B


Solano, D, LF


Reyes, J, SS


Lee, C 1B

Ruggiano, J CF

Kearns, A RF

Murphy, D 3B

Hayes, B C

Johnson, J P


Marlins Notes: Jose Reyes is on a 15 Game Hit Streak and will continue to try and be the main run producer in the 3 hole. Josh Johnson could possibly ge making his last start in a Marlins uniform as the non waiver trade deadline approaches on Tuesday.


Keep Winning. Believe In J.J.

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We should have known better this year. Sure we got Reyes, Buehrle, Zambrano, and Bell, but we all knew that Zambrano was a question mark and Bell was declining (even if we didn't realize it would be this bad.) That means that we only really improved by 2 players, but the rest were still the same AAA skill level players that we have had for the past 3 years (with the exception of Stanton.)


I think I was a little too optimistic thinking we would make it to the playoffs considering the core of this team was the same old sh*t we were familiar with already.

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