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2012 College Football Thread

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Duke Johnson was amazing, Stephen Morris was solid, Miami's secondary absolutely sucked. Good first win, the defense has to get it together or K-State is going to rip them appart.


I think it's more blame to place on the D line. They were nonexistent. If they do ANYTHING the secondary has a much better day. But still, good f**king win. GO CANES!!!

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hurricanes defense continues to be brutal .... i know they made a big deal about some of the young secondary players and a couple of them look decent ... but they need to gain some experience and get so much more help from the front 7 ....... there is no impact on this defense at all

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I think I just fell in love with Tavon Austin. 344 yards rushing...and he's a wide receiver. Let's not forget the fact that he's an amazing receiver and had a couple catches and 82 yards receiving on the side in the game.


This is the man I want with the Dolphins first round pick. I don't care that he's 5'9, talent is talent, and that man is talented.

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