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5/02 Post Game: Almost as good as the Astros

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Solano is like an infield Coghlan. Isn't one Coghlan enough on a team?



he hits a little better. he is solid defensively he just needs to stop making stupid decisions like trying to backhand that ball.



This just shows how bad Coghlan really is because Solano OPS's at .601, doesn't steal bases and that is considered better than Coghlan. Solano's defense is actually below average at best but he's been even worst than that this year.


So basically Chris Coghlan is a poor man's Donovan Solano.

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There is one consolation. The Blue Jays have practically achieved the same disastrous results as us. Only they've done it with our old team and a payroll that is many times larger than ours.


JJ is injured again. Unfortunately he was never the same after his injury a few years back

Buehrley is awful

Reyes is injured

Bonifacio is not hitting at all. He's pulling a John Buck impersonation circa 2012.


So it's not like we would be any better with any of the pieces we traded.

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Someone said that Dietrich has been playing 3b. I hope the fish don't plan on keeping solano at 2b...


Its for when they trade Stanton for Profar!Profar would play Short and Barnes could play second.

Or, yknow, Barnes/Realmuto/Brantly behind the plate.

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