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Article: Loria won't quit on the Marlins


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Great article from Ken Rosenthal about Loria still trying to contend even after the loss of Jose. I like how Loria isn't swearing we're gonna be great, he's acknowledging it'll be a challenge but that he's committed to trying...





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With what assets?



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By all in, I mean, somehow acquiring another SP and perhaps spending money on a reliever (they are seemingly intrigued by Jensen).  Obviously, they are limited in what they can do by the poor farm system...but I think Loria will at least make the attempt to be competitive this year.  Hopefully by mid-season there will be news of the team being up for sale....at least that's my dream scenario...



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There aren't enough assets to buy to make this team a WS contender.


Loria is still cheap.


Fluff piece.


Trying to contend...wtf does that even mean? Try to get good enough to maybe win games? Meh. We'll be in 4th or 5th by the end of the season. All good. Please sell, Loria. Adiosss. 


It's what the real world would be,


Yankee got Chapman,


Dodgers got Jansen,


Giants got Melancon,


Dodgers got Hill,


Mariners got Hammel,


We got Loria.



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Why he needs to sell the team ? lost lots of money ? only lost money would force a business people quit from his business,right ? only lost games won't make it happen.


Because he's a total failure at running a team. He put the Marlins in the second longest playoff drought. It would be the longest if Dombrowski hadn't put together more than half of the 2003 team.



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