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Favorite brand of beans


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Just had KFC for some ungodly reason. Fair note: it's way better in the UK. You can get little snack wraps that clearly use Taco Bell tortillas. Pretty awesome. But anyways, I got a box meal and had some baked beans as a side out of influence of this topic. 


Nothing on Heinz. 


I get nauseous just from the smell of KFC here



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Well so in the UK chicken is the main meat at fast food joints. I imagine this is due to two main factors: the mad cow scare in the 90s, and the menus catering to a large Indian population. Beef isn't nearly as common and is often replaced by lamb, and chicken is dirt cheap. 


That being said, KFC is totally different here. I wouldn't say it's great, but it's definitely miles beyond that garbage KFC in the US. As a consequence of scarce beef, Taco Bell doesn't exist here. 



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