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Loria dodges, Samson confirms rumors


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"As far as talks go, talks are ongoing with other groups who are interested in purchasing the team," Samson said. "Those talks will continue to be ongoing. To the extent that Josh Kushner has stopped talking, and that statement indicates he has, then I guess one of the other groups will prevail."




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Loria would be a great rep for Donald trump with all his dodging of questions.


Trump answers more questions directly than any politician I've ever seen.


Loria used his friends, the Kushner's as a "fake bid" or "fake news" to drive up the interest in the Marlins.


Loria is the worst but he's definitely intelligent. 



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from what I found- goign back to 1997 or so...


Huizinga. (Marlins)


Frank Mccourt (Dodgers)


Disney (Angels)


Nintendo (Seattle)


Tribune COmpany (Cubs)


George HW Bush (Rangers)


Carl Linder (reds)


Drayton Mclane (Astros)


Peter OMalley (Dodgers)

Fox Corp (dodgers)


Bud Selig (FML, Brewers/ MLB Commish)


Nelson Doubleday (NY METS) ( He might have died, but he fought with the Wilpons for decades over the mets)




I think that's about it.



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