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Marlins’ Opener Is Among Baseball’s Cheapest


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Secondary market data reveals light demand as Marlins head into 2017


ORLANDO, Fla. – With an average resale price of $68.78 on the secondary market, Opening Day tickets for the Miami Marlins are the third-cheapest in all of baseball. According to data released by online resale marketplace Event Tickets Center, only the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Minnesota Twins have a lower average price.


By comparison, the average price on the secondary market for a ticket in Texas, St. Louis and Wrigley Field is three times higher than what buyers are paying in Miami. The Cubs lead all of baseball with an average resale price of $294.60, followed by the Cardinals at $221.27 and the Rangers at $191.27. Atlanta is also experiencing higher average resale prices as the Braves get set to open their new SunTrust Park in Cobb County.


“We’re seeing less demand in markets where teams haven’t made recent playoff appearances,” said Event Tickets Center CEO Adam Young. “That’s affecting the price in Miami relative to the rest of the league. But it’s actually about 15 percent higher than what we saw for the 2016 opener, which is reflective of the Marlins’ performance last season and nearly reaching .500 for the first time in seven seasons.”


“Fans looking for a deal can actually save about $30 by waiting to go to the Marlins’ second home game,” Young added. He said markets with more expensive openers generally see a drop off of $100 or more from game one to game two.


Across the league, there are 19 teams with opener tickets averaging more than $100 and only four – Milwaukee, Miami, Minnesota and Anaheim – averaging under $70. Secondary resale data reveals fans can also save an average of $80.95 by skipping their team’s opener. Looking at individual teams, Cardinals fans can save $153 dollars and Rangers fans can save $146. Fans in Kansas City and Cleveland can save an average of $135 by going to game two. Mets fans can save almost $120.


The average resale price for every Major League Baseball team’s home opener is listed below. The figures are calculated on a per-team basis and represent the average selling price of all tickets sold for each team’s first home game.


Home Team


Avg Price


Chicago Cubs




St. Louis Cardinals




Texas Rangers




Atlanta Braves




Kansas City Royals




Cleveland Indians




Boston Red Sox




San Francisco Giants




Detroit Tigers




New York Mets




Los Angeles Dodgers




Baltimore Orioles




Colorado Rockies




New York Yankees




San Diego Padres




Houston Astros




Cincinnati Reds




Toronto Blue Jays




Pittsburgh Pirates




Tampa Bay Rays




Arizona Diamondbacks




Washington Nationals




Chicago White Sox




Seattle Mariners




Oakland Athletics




Philadelphia Phillies




Milwaukee Brewers




Miami Marlins




Minnesota Twins




Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim






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Exactly. Misleading. And picking on the Marlins when two other capable teams are worse off and very few teams are that much ahead of us anyways. Stupid. Fake news.


Miami is still one of the worst baseball towns in existence though. It is undeniably bottom three.



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You could make a real argument that either Miami or Tampa are the absolute worst.


It's probably one of those two to be honest, but at least the Rays have a shitty stadium in a bad location.


It's hard to refute Miami being the worst baseball town.



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I don't have much trouble admitting Miami is a horrible sports town but the one thing that really sticks out about Tampa is that they don't even support that team during times of success. Marlins fans are more likely to show up during the successful times which are admittedly not that often but not too long ago the Rays were contenders with a couple of postseason appearances and that shithole was still empty.



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