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4/7 Post Game

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so they're .500 only 4 games into the year eh?  They peaked early this season I guess.


I really hope Realmuto has taken another step forward from last season too.  I'd gladly take the JT we saw last year because that production is so hard to find in a catcher but i'm giddy with the idea that this may ultimately be who he is this year and hopefully it's not just a hot streak to start the season.  That Washington series was rather odd and I could have seen a sweep for either team in how each of the games actually played out as it was pretty damn close. The games have been fun to watch for the most part and I appreciate they haven't been striking out 10+ times each game. 


What new commercial lineup am I missing this season anyway?  We switched over from Directv to Cox and unlike Directv the MLB Extra Innings package for Cox just has a generic "Commercial break in progress" disclaimer that goes up between innings. Still the same ol' Lexus/Subaru of Pembroke Pines and La Lechonera? 



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Where the hell are all the negative nancys now that we're even at 2-2?


I'll give a couple of negatives. First is Hechavarria, continues to flat out suck. Second is Mattingly whereby he put Ellis in the 2 hole. Fine when he puts Realmuto there but got to mix up the order when it's a lesser bat rather than just go for a direct replacement.


Otherwise a great win and good to see Chen pitch well.



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