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What's the point in retaining the hideous Loria (2012-present) script? I want teal to be brought back, but none of those uniform concepts work for me.


The problem with the current uniforms doesn't reside entirely with the poor choices in color.


Yeah I feel the same way.



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The one on the left isn’t bad but my first impression was MARINERS when I saw it for some reason. 


Definitely like it better without pinstripes.  Pinstripes are for New York Yankees.


Funny cause i looked at those and my first thought was that the teal looks much better to me with the pin stripes.  



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You're asking if I'd rather throw those uniforms in a fire or in the trash?


Then I guess I'd say the trash because I can always wash them to wear them again later. 


Lmao no ?... fire is a slang word, meaning it looks good. Like, If I said the way you cook pasta is ?, that means you cook really good pasta ? 



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