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How good is Caleb Smith?

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And rightfully so. 


Well it wouldn't be a firesale since he isn't paid much (that is how the term is traditionally used in sports) but yes, he should be untouchable or as close to it as possible. Trading him wouldn't be about finances unless they attached him to a bad deal and I like to believe they aren't that dumb.


Just shows people though, the "names" usually start out as "no names"



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Kinda funny that Caleb was one of the guys all the fans kept saying "Who?" about. And now they'd yell "Firesale" if he was traded.


He won't be the last player on the roster this happens with.


"What a bunch of AAA players! These guys don't belong in the major leagues!"


"OMG K-Leb Smith Rulz!!!"



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Saw him mocking fans/trolling yesterday?


I'm sorry but I laughed, it was great considering how many people didn't realize he was just trolling. It was unprofessional but man if you're gonna do it, do it big. A few people got it and suggested trading Gallen for Rodney...






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