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  1. Are they going to be covering this game on WQAM?
  2. Why bother with a no-trade clause. It's not like he's gonna wanna be traded.
  3. anyonw knows any good websites that show videos for baseball brawls 674549[/snapback] Umm..no, but that's a rather strange request. Do you have anger problems? 674635[/snapback] :lol
  4. He's had a tough career bouncing from team to team. The man's also had to battle Kidney Cancer. That's tough to deal with. Back when he was with atlanta, however, he played a great part in their world series run in '99.
  5. There is a taping on the weekend of ESPN the Weekend as said, Feb 25th or so.? I'm going to -assume- it might be live, so possibly the weekend of February 25th. 674637[/snapback] Alright thanks. I'll be watching. Baseball tonight is my favorite show. I hate when football season starts and they start showing it less.
  6. Delgado signing. I'm not being biased, I just think that this signing helps us more than any other signing helped any other team. Delgado was the missing piece. The rest of the teams have alot of holes. Mets (bullpen), nationals (Starting pitching), Phillies (bullpen), Braves (almost everything)
  7. Why can't the marlins stadium get as much support.
  8. This was in the Miami Herald and all the other newspapers.
  9. guess he his worth $52 million! 673811[/snapback] I agree, going from Dontrelle Willis as your top left handed batter to Carlos Delgado is a great improvement. 674191[/snapback] :lol :lol :lol
  10. yp implaying in that game im a pitcher 674187[/snapback] Good luck. :thumbup
  11. im getting bored reading the same stuff over and over again anybody know a good mlb website or somewhere i could read about the marlins farm system and its player :banghead 673784[/snapback] Link 673795[/snapback] :lol
  12. I wonder what his career longest is? 673519[/snapback] Probably the one he hit off the top of the restaurant in SkyDome. 673552[/snapback] Does anyone have any footage of this?
  13. i never really followed the cannons. Yeah go for it.
  14. ...because we don't have a roster spot to give and he's not that much better than Perisho. You know "better the devil you know..." And don't you dare point to 2002...any and all stats from a pitcher in Atlanta (under Mazonne) should be disregarded when trying to gauge future success elsewhere. 672973[/snapback] Chris Hammond is a former marlin.
  15. Great article. The part where it says that the marlins shouldn't be blamed for the state getting screwed over is so true. It's not the marlins fault that they had a terrible owner in Huizenga who has terribly jeaporadized their future.
  16. Nice article. Thanks. I don't care if alex is serious when he comes out on the field, as long as he keeps playing that stellar defense. It's good that cabrera is talkative and plays jokes. He's young and that keeps him from getting too tense when he's up there hitting.
  17. Great article. Everyone is starting to side more with the marlins. I'm pretty optimistic that they get the stadium deal done.
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