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  1. He's alright. It's the cardinals offense. Pujol's triple last night was on a great pitch low and away. Pujol's is just an elite hitter that can take a pitchers pitch and turn it into a mistake.
  2. Oh he's for real. He's pretty mature. He went into the dugout last night with out too much celebration. He treated it like any other homerun. He's gonna be big. Mark my word.
  3. Welcome to the bigs. This kid is something else.
  4. He was part of why we won it all in 03 923485[/snapback] Yeah cuz we had to bring up miggy cuz he was doing terrible. So yeah, i'll always have a soft spot in my heart for holly.
  5. sweet. whatever gets us our stadium.
  6. I think he should have swung away. He's one of our most clutch hitters.
  7. He deserves it. He's good, he just came to spring training extremely overweight.
  8. Bottom line, a championship team does not have a guy like this coming out of the pen. 920247[/snapback] You're wrong. So very wrong. See the 2004 Red Sox bullpen, the 2003 Marlins bullpen, the 2001 DBacks bullpen, the 1998-2000 Yankees' bullpens. Even one or two members of the 2002 Angels' bullpen had one member were this bad. 920255[/snapback] Armando Almanza :banghead :banghead
  9. You can find the teal and black set at almost any sports store. I think those look really nice. But i have the orange one too. I got it by buying a pack of cards at Dolphin stadium.
  10. I wanna see madman81 make a wallpaper. And it better be awesome, cuz if it aint , he can shove it up his a**.
  11. I say we just wait for spooney to come back, and if he doesn't regain his form then we explore other options. But i think spooney is gonna be lights out when he comes back.
  12. does anybody know if i can buy those at any store? Cause as much as i would like to help the charity, that shipping is too much.
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