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  1. The art fund accounts for the stuff that people actually like, such as the Orange Bowl letters and the light installation. Almost all stadiums have some kind of "art" on the exterior. Some of that money also went toward the home run feature, which is a great idea to have one, but unfortunately all of the renderings make it look like an eyesore. So that's where all of that money is going. However, none of that accounts for Loria's tacky idea of color coding the sponsors. It does not account for Loria significantly altering the franchise's colors against the wishes of the fans. And of course, Loria has been open about his dream of combining art and baseball, which is an intention he has expressed explicitly. ugh, dude, tell me a-freaking-bout it. Great in theory to have something recognizable like the apple in new york. But Jesus Christ, that thing seems all kinds of tacky. Pelicans?!?! I mean really....Reminds of me of the Scott Stapp song and how it seemed like they told him to write about baseball so he looked up words in a baseball reference book and just plugged them in at random. Clearly the artist doesn't have much knowledge of the marlins. Although from an art standpoint it is rather creative. Idk, I just don't see anything "baseball" on that thing. But w/e, I'll take one of those in left field, center field, right field, and next to each urinal in the bathrooms if it means a stadium *sigh*
  2. In response to why Loria wants to treat this like an art exhibit, now please do correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we also receive funding from the Miami Dade "Art in Public Places" fund? If we did, then that pretty much explains it.
  3. red, green, blue, and yellow? Probably means google got the naming rights lol. I guess I'd be alright with google park. :lol But yeah, I like the idea of the sponsors matching the colors of the section. I believe it nets the marlins a little more money since it's a more personalized campaign that reflects a bit of ambush marketing, and will strongly utilize word of mouth since all the people will be talking about how they love/hate it. I'm guessing that's the reason they did that, but I could be wrong lol. I will miss that big old grey concourse at joe robbie though lol
  4. I could be off by one or two but I dont think by much. Obviously I remember coming back and winning a few of them. But I also remember more often than not we lost those games. I was wondering if someone had our record in those games in which we blew saves?
  5. I like the lineup, the ONLY issue i have with it is that it takes our only real pinch hitter off the bench. Granted I havent seen any of hector luna since he was with the cards so idk what we have in him. so yeah...makes our already crappy bench even crappier.
  6. Come on, it's painfully obvious they sent him down mostly for financial reasons (arbitration clock) and to get him warmed up to come in to the league so he can hit a walk off home run against the rays in his first game. And hopefully repeat the career of the last marlin to do so. =P
  7. Mets tie it on a bad throw to first by Bonifacio on a DP ball. 1-1. *throws duracell rechargable batteries at him*
  8. Jesus Christ...Bonifacio lol...I'm really gunning for him to do well, but, this cant go on longer than the first month of the season with him. If it does, its time he gets cute without the e.
  9. Wait, Cody pitched??? WHEN!? lol Yeah, he pitched a scoreless 8th against the Mutts on Monday Actually, it was the 9th against the phillies. He totally shut it down XD
  10. Idc how much body heat there is, it's still better than 95 and humid
  11. ...aw crap...he's been pretty wild so far...walked victorino and he's 2-0 on bruntlett
  12. I think we nail Jamie Moyer today I second that...And I feel we're gonna get a big hit out of Ronny today
  13. Alright here we go!!! Come on graham!!
  14. Is it just me, or does Graham Taylor look absolutely awkward throwing a baseball? I mean, he looks like he hides the ball well, but crap! He gets NO style points lol
  16. Actually, i like that he put the lefty in, he flips the switch hitters over to the right side for the first time tonight, and then he has utley. On paper, it's a good decision, and lets hope it works out. But definitly, i see your point in bringing in kiko. He's been great so far. I think it's that his name is too badass for hitters to fathom and is the sole reason for his success.
  17. ugh....bonifacio....I'm not gonna freak out on him or anything, but I'd atleast like for him to start with his hands back instead of pulling them back and then swinging. I think it's too much movement and limits his ability to "slap" at the ball a-la luis castillo.
  18. NICE!!!!....seven strong innings from Chris. Really couldn't ask more. Now it's up to the pen.
  19. I know what you're talking about, but Fredi was talking about sunday. If he needed him sunday, he'd use him.
  20. Im hoping to see matt tonight. Lets see if he can get back on the horse so to speak. I wanna learn real quick if he can get it done. actually, i think the ball club said they weren't gonna send him out there tonight since they don't want him going back to back nights yet cause of his injury. Plus, he through a lot of pitches last night.
  21. I hate loooooong foul balls...they always mean a terrible strikeout is imminent lol
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