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  1. Dang...not only is it ninety nine, but he releases at an unexpected moment in his delivery. Could be a nice arm back there.
  2. Let's get whoever this is before we have to deal with Street. I can't believe the only run they have is a home run by Kennedy.
  3. Solano really? Did Reed Johnson stay in Miami ala Home Alone?
  4. Seriously...HE CAN'T WALK YOU....Look for it!
  5. Salty strikes out a lot, but I don't fear him in pressure situations, dude just won a world series. If he fails it's cause of the hole in his swing. Come on big guy!
  6. You know youre getting a get me over here...come on!
  7. I've got a good feeling about old KC here. Come on Rusty Nails!
  8. Belt high fastball on 2-0. I'm gonna cry
  9. No way he wants to get to Stanton...He's getting a good pitch to hit. Come on DD!
  10. Sounds like they took notes from the Mets' broadcasters, from what people were saying in here the other day. Yeah, those guys were out of hand.
  11. 10....10 strikeouts...my god. We are the epitome of feast or famine.
  12. Compounding the Suck of this Game is that I'm watching the San Diego Feed and Hearing them say things like "Dietrich is a table setter, not a power hitter". Great research bruh.
  13. This is what gets Marcell in trouble sometimes. He only has one speed. He doesn't really cut his swing down to match certain situations/counts. He's gonna swing for the warehouse most likely.
  14. Ok seriously, yes, Kennedy is a solid pitcher...but 9 Ks already? no....
  15. How am I still awake? How am I still at work!?
  16. Jesus almighty...He turns Maybin into a hitter.
  17. Is Giancarlo Stanton the only person on Earth that doesn't know that he's more than likely going to get off speed pitches away and off the plate? Someone should let him know.
  18. Walk Gyorko to get to Maybin. I wanna play the game of which ex-Detroit Tiger sucks more again. Worked in the 1st inning. Lol I didn't even think about that!
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